Marking note as done

In your HowTo in Taking notes“on-the-agenda” you explain:

A really cool feature! But there is more…
It would be very nice if the app logs date and time of the “Mark as Done” action: You click on the cog, wait the popover to pop over and find the entry in “Show information…”. I added this extra piece of information in the screenshot below to clarify what I mean.


Of course I can write in the date + time manually for further references, but that would only be half as elegant as if the Agenda App did it automatically. It would also be sufficient if this date + time were assigned exclusively to the title of the note. It makes no sense to document this for a complete checklist.
What do you think: minimum feature, maximum programming effort? :grinning:


I like the idea, will see what can be “done” :smiley:

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Yeah, put it „On the Agenda“ :grinning:

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“Done”. It never even made it to On the Agenda :smiley: