Markdown in Agenda



I love Markdown.
But Agenda does not react to markdown entries. Is this feature really only for import/export?
was looking here a bit and could not find an answer. Because I think Agenda is for sure a very intuitive software, I am just asking you…
Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


Hi Arik,

How do you mean it doesn’t “react to markdown entries”?

It is not a markdown editor, like some other apps. The internal format we use is not simple markdown text. We support more advanced features than you can build with pure markdown, and expect to add many more.

We did work hard to support the most common markdown shortcuts. Bold, headings, lists etc. What exactly are you missing?




Code blocks would just be great. Even if there is no syntax highlighting. Or maybe i missed something ?

This is just the missing format to use Agenda for me .

Thanks for any feedback,


Have you seen the preformatted paragraph style? That is basically a code block without formatting.


Hi @drewmccormack,

Yes indeed. But it’s quite « difficult » to see where i have code line.

For exemple:

Maybe something like this would really be enough:

Really appreciate your concerne.


I see. So the request is more to make the preformatted format stand out more.

We will consider it. Thanks for the feedback!


How about just being as one would expect? i.e. as a code box, not a <pre> tag.

I understand the limitations of MD, but it’s much faster to type

# My Title

and get:

My Title

For a heading, than go up to the menu bar or try to remember another set of keyboard shortcuts.

It’s also faster to type:

Some code block here

See how much clearer that is to read, with the grey background?

I mean, it’s rendering as one would expect in this forum, but not in your app? Is that a sensible business, let alone a sensible UX decision?

I’m not speaking as a leech, either, I’ve bought Agenda and am very disappointed that there isn’t at least an option to use standard markdown inline, not to mention the lack of actual code blocks. I often write my stuff in Agenda and then export the markdown and paste it in another app (then print to PDF) or in website like if I want to share it with others.

This might just surprise you, but lots of people who use the web are familar with markdown – some of your customers are even developers, like you! Do you use Agenda to write internal notes to each other with code blocks, or do you yourselves use another tool? Do you see how deeply silly this is?

It’s fine to do a lot more than basic markdown, but imo it’s a big UX screwup to change the inline syntax from conventional markdown. Instead of replacing it, you should have extended it; that, or created the equivalent of another namespace for it, and let the user choose which convention they want to use.


Agenda is not a markdown editor. We support some shortcuts that are based on Markdown, but we don’t preserve the markdown, and our internal format is unrelated to markdown. There are lots of markdown editors out there that are fully compliant if you want a markdown editor.

We decided not to add a background to performatted blocks. That was a design decision. We could certainly revisit it in future, and also add code coloring for languages. But that is a long way from “silly”.

We are developers; we use markdown; we use preformatted blocks for code in Agenda. It’s all compatible, as long as you don’t mistake Agenda for a markdown editor. It isn’t that.


Looking forward to the code block feature!
Even if there is no syntax highlighting, just the gray background, it will still be a great feature!
You guys are great!
The user experience in Agenda is amazing!


Please add support for markdown. I don’t need other formatting features. As a software developer it’s a must have.
Maybe you could add support for multiple note “templates” like in Quiver. So I can use a markdown note or a “normal” note.


I was wondering one thing: Why not just build on top of Markdown and add features to it, rather than your own style? A lot of the functionality that people are seeking is inherent in Markdown so you’d handle a lot of the feature requests that are there now.

I appreciate that you’re not going to scrap everything you have and start over, I’m just a bit curious as to the choice of building a different style that translates to markdown (and engineering all of that) instead of just going with Markdown initially?

Personally, I’d love to see Agenda natively support markdown and add functionality on top of it - right now Typora (Markdown editor) and Agenda are my main tools for notes - but to be honest, Typora could easily be dropped if Agenda supported Markdown (and the features in Markdown) + LaTeX rendering (via mathjax which is already requested as feature).