Making Use of Agenda Widgets

iOS 14 and macOS 11 introduced widgets, and Agenda has had them ever since. Widgets are installed on your Home Screen, and display a small piece of information. They can also be tapped to take you into the app.

Adding Widgets on iOS/iPadOS

To add widgets to your Home Screen on iOS/iPadOS, tap and hold somewhere on the background. The contents of the screen should start to jiggle, and a + button will appear at the top. Tap the + button, and scroll down to find Agenda, or use the search field to filter the available widgets.

Once you have found and tapped Agenda, you can choose which widget you want. Swipe sideways to move from small to medium to large. Select the size you would like, and use the Add Widget button to insert the widget on your Home Screen.

Adding Widgets on macOS

To add widgets on macOS, click on the time at the top-right of the screen, to reveal the notifications and widgets sliding panel. Click on Edit Widgets at the bottom, and select Agenda on the left. You can now choose a widget type, and size, and add it to your screen.

The Available Agenda Widgets

The Relevant Notes widget has been designed to prioritize the notes you see based on their scheduled date, and whether you recently edited them. These tend to be the notes that are most relevant at this point in time.

Notes with a start date coming up in the next day or so should get a high priority, and appear in the widget. If there is room in the widget after notes with upcoming dates have been added, it is filled up with notes that you have recently edited. In this way, you will very likely see notes most relevant at this time.

Configuring Widgets

The Relevant Notes widget can be configured to filter which notes get displayed. For example, you can choose to only include notes that are flagged as on-the-agenda.

To configure a widget, tap and hold on the widget until a menu appears, and choose Edit Widget. The widget should flip over giving your some options to choose from.

Using the Agenda Widgets

Tapping any of the notes in a widget will take you straight to the note in question inside of the Agenda app. You can also tap the Agenda icon to open the Agenda app without jumping to any particular note. It is a very fast way to jump straight to your most relevant notes.

Agenda does schedule the list of notes in each widget to change throughout the day, as notes become more or less relevant. However, if the Agenda app is not opened, it cannot update the widgets with the latest data synced over from other devices.

If you notice the widgets are not showing what you expect, there is a good chance that simply opening the Agenda app will refresh them with the latest data.


The Agenda widget does not seem editable. I can only add it or remove it, not change it from “relevant” to “On the Agenda,” for example.

The widgets feature badly needs a way to make a widget with the concrete note (this is allowed on “notes” widget and simply great)

Unfortunately this is a general limitation of widgets, Apple doesn’t allow any interaction except for a click that opens a link.

This is something we’d like to add in the future indeed, it requires quite a bit more work though and probably only will come when we also add a Siri Shortcuts extension (which shares a lot of the parts needed).

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Any plans to be able to change the background color of the widget?

Don’t think this is high up on our list, but noted!

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