An Agenda widget for tasks

Hi - I don’t know if I use Agenda the same as everyone else, but I might have a task set up like this.

I’ll have an item called “Upcoming reports to write”, which will contain a list of individual reports I need to write.

For example, in that item I might have “payroll report”, “attendance report”, “Christmas shopping report”.

Let’s say that I need “attendance report” to appear in the widget list

Unfortunately I can’t use widgets with this type of format - all I get in the widget list is the title of the item/ “upcoming reports to write”.

Is there any potential workaround you could add? For example, perhaps in the + menu there could be “add to widgets” which will place specific items in a list into the widget?

Or how about being able to use search terms in widgets? So, for example, I could use the tag #widget, and the widget setting could allow me to only show items with that tag?

If I could use widgets like this, it would be incredibly useful for me. As it stands, to use them effectively I have to have each agenda item as a single item on its own.

Thanks :innocent:

Do you mean you want to put parts of notes (eg a checklist item) into a widget, rather than a whole note?

Not sure how useful that would be in general. Widgets are very small, so the amount of stuff you could fit in one would be minimal. They are really just links to important notes.

Hi Drew - yeah, this is what I mean.

Sort out the remaining paper :mantelpiece_clock: (Reminder: tuesday) #paper
Buy new storage box :mantelpiece_clock: (Reminder: thursday) #storage
Order paper for printer :mantelpiece_clock: (Reminder: tuesday) #paper

And the widget could have a mechanism for showing “sort out the remaining paper” and “order paper for printer”, but not “buy new storage box”.

One mechanism could be to have the widget display giving the current choices, plus “only show specific tag/keyword” or even “only show items with reminders”.

Obviously I’m talking about the full-size widget.

But I think your response is probably right on both counts: it is an extremely small use case, and it’s sort of me twisting Agenda into a slightly different shape. Plus, not only are widgets small, even at full size, I suspect they don’t allow much programming to be done.

However, it would be incredibly useful to me. I can foresee myself having 2 Agenda widgets on my ipad Home Screen, one for “on the agenda” and one for “items with specific deadlines” (see pic, if I’m allowed to attach it) - if Agenda had even more sorting/selecting options for the big widget I could even see myself using a whole page of widgets, and have the ipad Home Screen itself be a major productivity tool.

I know you’re really receptive to ideas and I know you’re always honest - so I don’t feel silly for suggesting it; if it can be done and is worth doing, that’s fantastic. If not, thanks for your consideration and explanation

What I could imagine is a widget that showed a single note, of your choosing, and perhaps with an option to only display checklist items.

Note that widgets are really just read-only. You can’t actually edit data with them, so checking things off still has to take place in the app. You could tap the item, and get taken to it in the app, where you can check it off.

We’ll keep in this in mind. It might be something we could group together with a watch app, if we ever get to that. It would have quite similar scope I think.

Thanks for the feedback!