MacOS Beta invite page not accessible

The below link was posted for people wanting to join the MacOS beta, but it seems you can’t view the post unless you are already in the MacOS Beta program… I seem to be stuck in a paradox here :confused:

Hmm, it is a good point. We will fix that. Sorry for the trouble.

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Those pages are not visible to new users, it seems that in the mean time you have become a basic user and you should have access now, is that correct?

Yes! good to go now. Thanks

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Hi, I’m running into the same issue. Do I just need to wait a few days before I can register? I’m very excited to try out the reminders integration.

You should have access now as well, please note that the reminders integration is not yet in beta, it should be within the next week or two.

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Hi Drew, Alexander and Marcello,

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for creating a stunning app. Functional, beautiful and original. The attention to detail is fantastic, and I wish you all the success in the world as it is clear that you have all put your heart and soul into this. You have a delighted customer here in Australia!

The upcoming integration with Reminders will move this app close to perfection for my workflow, so I am very keen on joining the Beta. How do I go about accessing it as being a new member of the community, I also do not seem to have access to it.

Kind regards,

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That’s fantastic to hear Fabrizio! I’ve updated your profile and you should now be able to visit the page.

Do you have to manually update the profile or can we view that post once we reach “basic”, by reading and making a post on another topic?

It’s the latter, you have to be a basic user, which you can reach automatically or in this case I set manually.

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I just saw this thread coming up - since I was eagerly waiting for this to come I would also like to participate if possible. Can you please also set the required level for my account please?

I’ve changed it now.

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Thank you so much Alexander!

Hello! May I get this as well? Thanks

Done. Just to be sure, the fastest way to get to the state where you do get access automatically is to simply browse the community for a few minutes and read a few articles.

I would like to access the Mac beta. :grinning:

That did it! :sunglasses:


I would like to access the mac beta as well!


You can access the macOS beta by getting Agenda from (not the Mac App Store), and then opening the Agenda > Preferences, and choosing the beta option for updates.

Sounds good. Out of curiosity why the difference?