MacOS Beta invite page not accessible

The Mac App Store does not allow other update mechanisms. For beta releases, we need a way to have the app update for beta testers, and MAS doesn’t support that.

Hey ya’ll, I’ve been using Agenda for a bit over a year now and love it! I am interested in joining the beta program, but it seems that new forum users such as myself do not have access to the page. Any advice? Thanks!

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I’ve been made a “basic” user and can now access the page; thank you!

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Not sure what I need to do to become a basic user, but I’m not able to access that page yet

It should now work for you

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Whats the requirement to become a basic user?

It should just be a matter of spending some time reading/browsing on the community, but I’ve bumped you just now to basic user so it should work already.

Hello! I saw your tweet and I got excited about new features coming and I wonder if it is still possible to join the beta program (link is not working for me). Thanks!

Cheers, I’ve added you to TestFlight and I believe this link should now also work.

Hello, I too am trying to access beta testing for MacOS as well as iOS, but I cannot seem to access the above-mentioned page for MacOS, and I expect I need access to Test Flight for iOS. Can I please get some help with this?

I did request much the same in a different thread and I apologize for the double-post. I’m not clear on exactly the steps I need to take in order to join in the beta. Please advise - and thank you.

I went through your tutorial and lo and behold, I was granted access as a basic user. Sometimes, patience really is rewarded. :slight_smile:

Having done that, when I checked for beta releases, I was advised that I am up-to-date (9.1.2, MacOS version, downloaded from agenda, not the App Store version).

Is there no beta testing currently in-flight for MacOS?

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No, there is currently no beta. Should be soon I think.

@drewmccormack - thanks! I look forward to it.