Losing Sketch Data

Ive been having an issue with sketching in Agenda. It typically occurs when i spend a lot of time working on a sketch, probably 5 min or more. 2 likely things occur…

  1. ill close the sketch and there will be multiple sketches in the note, from different stages in the drawing process or
  2. the last 4 min of drawing data are completely lost and im left with where I was when I was only about a minute into sketching.

This second one is highly frustrating. For instance, last night i spent about 20 min sketching some basic ground plan thoughts for an interior design project I’ve been working on. After sketching 2 ground plans quick, and couple of front elevations, I closed the drawing to be left with the basic walls and layout from the first minute of sketching.

I LOVE Agenda, and the pencil support has really made this app unique in the spectrum of using the iPad as a productivity tool, but these kind of “work loses” make it difficult for me to trust and rely on this software to be even the starting place for my creative and productivity work flows.

Anyone else had this issue? I’ve had trouble digging up similar experiences on the forum here.

Are you using version 10 of Agenda and still see this? Or was this in version 9?

Ive been using version 10. Happened last night.2020-05-31T05:00:00Z

Sounds like the same issue I have previously reported.

Is there anything about where the drawings are in the note that could help us track this down? Eg, are you always drawing into an attachment at the very end of a note?

Hey Drew,

Id say its more the opposite. Ill usually launch a note and start a sketch first thing. Usually in the Agenda view.

I have been able to reproduce this, and should be able to fix it very soon. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for reporting it.


We did find a problem like this. What we saw was that if a sketch was last in a note, and ended up on the same line as some text, a layout glitch could occur, causing the sketch to be hidden offscreen. Adding a new line in the note would force the layout to update, and the sketch would be visible again.

Is it possible that is what is happening?

Hey Drew,

I don’t think this is the case with me. I typically will create a heading to group the sketches I create below it. I don’t think it ever has occurred when adding a sketch to a line that is sharing text.

I have been able to trigger the loss of sketch data by multi-tasking. If you start a sketch, and then, before closing the sketch, switch over to safari or another app to look at photo inspiration (for example) come back to the sketch, finish it, then hit close, it save only the data prior to app switching. I have been able to reproduce this multiple times now…

Hope that helps?

I had it happen irrespective of whether I had a H1 header (usually some title title that says meeting notes) or no text at all.

If I had to guess, I would say something must be happening when you move to a different app or back, which causes the note to become deselected. That would break the connection I guess.

I tried this myself, but couldn’t get it to lose data. It may be a subtle combination of events.

If you see this happen again, perhaps you can check if the note you were working in is still selected with a cursor. That might give a clue.

Also worth noting if that note is perhaps on the screen of a different device, and syncing in real time.


Hmm, I just saw something which may offer an explanation. When I moved away from Agenda, and waited for a few minutes, the app must have been killed in the background. When I came back to the app, I saw the Agenda icon appear, which is the clue it is starting up again having been killed.

I wonder if this is what you are seeing. If you see this happen again, see if the Agenda icon appeared when you first moved back to Agenda.

Hey Drew,

I was able to replicate this issue once again this morning with ease.

Here is what I did:

  1. opened a note.
  2. clicked on a preexisting sketch within the note.
  3. wrote the phrase “Testing”
  4. switched to another app (Netflix was the one previously used) and scrolled around for 3-5 seconds.
  5. switched back to agenda (no icon)
  6. wrote “1-2-3”
  7. hit close on the sketch in the upper right.

The result was an updated sketch, but only with the word “testing” and no longer said “1-2-3”, that data was somehow lost in the 3-5 seconds of being in netflix. Does that help?

I followed up and replicated it with a new note as well, not only a preexisting one. This tells me that it can’t be an intra-device syncing thing because I have 0 other devices running currently, and certainly not the note I created in real time just now.

Thanks for the detailed info. I will see if I can reproduce.

To be clear, you are using version 10.0.2, not the new beta 10.0.3, right?

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I found an issue which may be causing this, in particular when swiping between apps with the drawing view on the screen. I have a fix, and will put it in the new beta today. Hopefully in public in a few days.

Sorry for the trouble.


RAD! Thanks, Drew.

Awesome thanks!

I’ve had this problem multiple times as well, even when I didn’t switch to another app. It seems to happen at random and I cannot reproduce it.