Losing attachments when moving notes between projects



I am losing attachments in notes that are copied/moved to other projects

What I did: Note with an attachement is created in a project (“Project1”). Using either drag and drop or move command from withing note, the note is moved to a different project (“Project2”)

What happened: In project1 the attachment thumbnail is an icon with a series of lines. After the note is moved to Project2 the icon changes to a “cloud”. Clicking on it the attachment from that point on does nothing- nothing open and the file is effectively lost.

What I expected: the attached file would move with the note without any change.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
On current versions of ios and agenda on an iPad Pro. Attachements are sent to notes using x-callback links via shortcuts. I have not noticed file loss in notes that were not moved.


I have the same issue.


This is a known issue. We will have a fix soon. Sorry for the trouble.


Any thoughts on when? I hope soon- this. If breaks my workflow- the data loss makes Agenda currently unusable. Or- is there a temporary work around you can share?


I plan to have this fix in the next release, probably a week or two from now.

For now, if you avoid dragging notes to other projects, you should be OK. You can move them within a single project.