Losing attachments when moving notes between projects

The issue seems to persist with the current version (iOS, both iPad and iPhone). I use a shortcut to send an external file to a placeholder project called inbox. That works great — the attachment appears as it should in a new note.

I move the newly-created note to the appropriate project — and my attachment disappears, leaving me with the cloud icon.

Interestingly, if I drag the note back to the original location, the attachment reappears. I can then drag it (instead of moving it) to where I want it, and the attachment shows as it should.

I observe similar behaviours.

After moving a note to another project, there are problems with the images / aatchments. Interestingly, the images or attachments can be seen on all other devices, except on the device where the note was created.

I made comparable experiences after introduction of the new sub-categories with V9 (as premium user). Following the reorg of my Agenda categories /projects some attachments were disappeared on all devices. Proofing the corresponding dropbox data folder I could see that the images are still available there.
However, it needs a long time (weeks) to re-apoperar the missing attachments in Agenda.

There were issues with this in older versions of Agenda. Are you sure you have the latest 9.0 version on all devices?

I just tested using Move To… on Mac and iOS, and the attachments went along fine with both. Can you perhaps test if this is related to using a shortcut? Eg. What if you just create a note, and then move that. Does that work? What if you create a note in a different project than your Inbox, and move that?

I’m working since the availibility with V9 from the App Store on all devices (2 Macs, ipad & iphone; dropbox sync)… I do not use Agenda shortcuts

I made several (images, file attachments) “Move To” tests and the results are comparable. The notes itself will be moved as expected, but the images and attachments are sometimes missing (may be they will re-appear in a few days or so). Then, I will only see this cloud icon. If i click on this icon (Mac), the attachment properties window will be shown with attachment name/size

The behavious is not uniform,because on the iphone (13.2.2) the images will be shown, but the attachments (pdf) are disappeared opposite. On my second Mac only the cloud icon is visible.

I will repeat this test with draging instead of moving via dialog.

However, if I do not move the note (incl. images & file attachments), everything works as expected. It think, it has something to do with move functionality.

Are the missing attachments perhaps always PDF files? They may be handled a bit differently.

If I understand, you are saying it is intermittent. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you can see some pattern in when it happens, it could help.

If you can make it happen quite easily, it may help if you could send a screen capture video of it happening. Perhaps we can see something odd from that.

I will prepare a video screenshots for one test case, where Agenda wil not work as expected for me.

I have sent the details as email to your support mail adress. Attachments are in a linked dropbox folder.
I hope this will help!

Sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply.

Yes, I’m using the latest version on all devices.

I finally had some time this morning to do some more testing with the following scenarios:

  1. Send file to Agenda via Shortcuts, then move to a different project.
  2. Send file to Agenda via Shortcuts, then drag to a different project.
  3. Attach a file, then move the note to a different project.
  4. Attach a file, then drag the note to a different project.

In each of those four cases today, I experienced no problems; I was able to see the file instead of the cloud icon.

So I’m thinking that either my previous problem was a temporary glitch, or I wasn’t being sufficiently patient, and was trying to view the file before it had had a chance to sync.

All is well!

Glad it is working now at least. Thanks for testing!