Linking URL to Calendar Events that Repeat

When creating new Events via Agenda, the Linked note (URL) appears on the event in ical. But, if it’s already an event made before that repeats, although it links in the Agenda app, but when I open ical the URL does not appear.

I don’t know if this is a bug, or a feature not yet supported. Thanks.

We’ll have a look, thanks for reporting, this might be a limitation of the calendar.

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I would like to open up this issue once more. It kinda distracts my workflow. As a teacher, most of my schedules are repeating schedules for the whole year. I’m having a hard time not seeing the note I attached using Calendar (because it’s a repeated event). Since events only made via Agenda has URL on it. I tried to work out a solution, by first deleting the event then creating a new one via Agenda to have the URL attached.

But the scary part is that I might delete the entire schedule for the whole year.

What I expect and hope is that I could be able to use my calendar (repeated events) to be able to see the notes I attached to it in Agenda. Thanks.

We have just released beta 1 for Agenda 1.5, which should do a better job at inserting agenda links in the calendar, also for repeat events. We’d like to ask if you could help us test the changes, you’ll find how to activate beta downloads here:

Again, many thanks for reporting the issues and helping us get to their root causes!

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Update: calendar updates and interaction should be much more robust in today’s 2.0 update.

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No problem with the linking and unlinking. Even link to multiple events in the same day. Yehey!!!

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