Linking Notes to Contacts

Much as linking/importing email to Agenda is a valuable tool, I know that linking contacts from the Contacts app would be extremely useful. I’m sure many others have people/organizations that they are making notes where they are related to a specific person, group of people, and or orgainzations.

At this time, I can drop a vCard into Agenda. That is okay, but the behavior is not. If I drop a vCard into Agenda, the behavior I expect when I click on that attachment is either opening the contact card in the Contacts app, or showing me the contents of the Contacts card. What I don’t expect is for it to attempt to import the card back into Contacts.

Adding Contacts integration is very high on our wish list too, see also The features we are working on right now…

That is very good to know. And thank you for the action list link.

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