Link several different Calendar Events within one note

Hello, is it possible to have a note with several different action items that can be linked to different calendar events e.g. Note Legal has the following actions:

  • call lawyler
  • revise contract
  • get feedback from partner etc.

I would like to link every action to a different date? Is that possible? If not, will that be something you can implement?


I see where you are coming from, at the moment there’s a strict 1:1 relationship between notes and calendar events though. The solution is to rethink your workflow slightly.

From the perspective of Agenda I think it makes more sense that something like the Call Lawyer note would have its own note (in the same project or different one, whatever makes sense), associated with the calendar event for when that call is scheduled. You could link to this note using an Agenda link if you would want. The revise contract sounds more like something for a reminder. Reminder support isn’t yet in Agenda but is something we would like to add. Finally, the Get feedback from partner could either be a reminder or potentially a note on its own as well if say that feedback would be in the form of a meeting with your partner (you’d then write up the minutes/details of that meeting there).

In other words, instead of thinking in big notes that keep evolving through time, try to create a timeline of notes that form kind of a breadcrumb trail of your past. More like:

--- Meeting with partner - Tomorrow
- Discuss A
- Talk about B
- Agree on C

--- Call with Layer - Yesterday
- Proposed A
- Asked B

--- Meeting Note - Last tuesday
- Discussed XYZ
- Follow up points: 
    - [x] Call lawyer - [AGENDA LINK-TO-ABOVE-NOTE]
    - [x] Revise Contract 
    - [ ] Get feedback from partner - [AGENDA LINK-TO-ABOVE-NOTE]

Some techniques that might help:

  • If you use the On the Agenda status for notes that are still relevant you could keep “Meeting Note” on the agenda as long as those three follow up points aren’t yet met.

  • Similarly, you can pin this note to the top (premium feature) of the project as long as those points haven’t been completed. By using the Agenda links that interlink notes it becomes a kind of index card, an overview of the current state of the project. The moment you have had that feedback meeting you would take it off the Agenda/unpin int.

  • Note how above I already “prepared” the note for the feedback from the partner ahead of time, which is a great way to have a note already at hand where you can collect during the week the stuff you want to discuss in the upcoming meeting. That way you have the agenda ready when the day of the meeting comes.

  • This way you can easily go back in time and see what happened without risking that your continuous edits removes or changes valuable info.

Hi Alex,

thanks a lot for the comprehensive reply. As you said, it works if I rethink my workflow slightly and break them down in much smaller pieces. That may lead to the problem that you have to create a lot of different categories for different projects.
A reminder function would be nice as well for sure.

Thanks again and look forward to see new features coming.

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