Keyboard weirdness - intermittent

What I did: created a new note and typed my content.

What happened:

the cursor moved down the note, but the note didn’t expand to show the new lines (after, I think, the second line). After I hit return the note expanded as normal.

In same note at the same time, the autocomplete punctuation didn’t work properly: double space didn’t create a full stop, and a space was inserted between the end of a word and a question mark.

I couldn’t replicate this, but both issues have happened before a few times. I can’t remember if they both happen at the same time.

What I expected: normal!

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest agenda, iOS 12.3.2 iPhone 8

“…In same note at the same time, the autocomplete punctuation didn’t work properly: double space didn’t create a full stop, and a space was inserted between the end of a word and a question mark.”

I’ve noticed the same ‘anomaly’ on many occasions.

I’ve also noticed that while typing in a Note (But not while typing here in the Community) that when I’ve used a contraction the very next word is frequently Capitalized.

I.e., I’m Thinking of possibly…

The capitalization is weird, but I don’t know how that would be something specific to Agenda, because when you are just typing, the capitalization is handled by Apple’s libraries. Maybe it is a subtle mix off events, eg, you first click the cursor to somewhere else, and then come back again.

It’s a bit tricky to track down one-off or rare events. If you do find a way to make this happen every time, it would really help us find the problem. Let us know if you do notice a “trigger”.

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Did you ever see this in iOS 12? Just wondering if it is a new problem in the iOS 13 beta.

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No, this seems to be an iPad OS 13 Beta bug. I’ve reported to Apple. Of course no reply. I’ll check with next release.

I’m seeing it in iOS12. Never install iOS betas.

Still happening in iPadOS 13 Public Beta Release 7 (8/21). Also, I’ve noticed that when typing with an external keyboard, hitting the Back arrow to place the cursor in a sentence in order to correct a spelling error or to add a missing word will result in The same Capitalization anomaly.

I’m starting to investigate the very long list of problems this beta has introduced in the text editor now. Will look into it.

Ok! Just what I needed to hear. :wink: I won’t pile on with any other editor issues until I see an Agenda Beta release asking folks to test for issues.

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I’ve done a little experimenting with the issue with each release of Agenda and iPadOS, thru the current 13.1 Beta release. And I’ve been able to finally narrow down the issue. When typing in a Note, if I type a contraction without the apostrophe (Ill, wont, dont, didnt, etc.) Agenda will correctly spell (edit) the word (I’ll, don’t, didn’t) but then spell the next word Capitalized, e.g., I’ll Do, Won’t IT, Don’t Think, etc. However, when I spell the contraction WITH the apostrophe (‘) Agenda DOES NOT capitalization the following word. Here’s hoping you can duplicate the issue!

Great find, we’ll have a look, thanks!

I believe I have now fixed this. It will not be in version 7.0.2, but the version after that.

Thanks for helping me track it down!

My pleasure.

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Oops! With Beta v8 the app now crashes when I trying to type a contraction, e.g. “I’m”! Forced quit app on iPad Pro (iPadOS 13.1), restart, same crash as soon as I type “Im” :cry:

Does it matter where you type it? Beginning, end of the note, checklist item etc? Could you email us any crash logs still on your device? You can check by going into Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data when you tap a crash report prefixed with Agenda can you tap the export icon in the top right corner and email it to me at

Ok, we’ve located the crashes already, will try to submit a fix ASAP, apologies for that. From what we can see it’s 13.1 specific indeed.

I think this issue is only when typing at the end of a note. If you avoid that in the meantime, you should be OK until we get the fix out.

Alex- I’ve sent 3 crash reports.