Issue with repeating events



I was unable to get the Agenda note link to appear in the calendar sometimes, until I figured out that it won’t do it if the calendar event repeats. What I found I had to do was to make a manual link of the note (Shift Command L) and paste it into the calendar entry. The calendar asks if it is for all the repeating notes or just the one, which I think must be what blocks this from working automatically. Is there a better way?

Dates and Events

This should be more reliable in the next update, we hope to have a beta out later today for you to test.


How do you get the beta?


I found it. The beta dropdown carat is just very hard to activate.


We have just released beta 1 for Agenda 1.5, which should fix the issues you’ve reported, you can find the instructions on how to activate beta downloads here: Help us Beta Test Agenda


This issue should be fixed in today’s 2.0 update.