Is there an app like Agenda that handles tasks better? (not Noteplan)

My Agenda subscription has come to an end, so in order to determine whether to sign up for another 12 months i’m just checking whether there are other options that I should consider.
I like Agenda for notes, but I am finding I have to use Things 3 for task management still, as Agenda doesn’t really focus on that aspect. I’ve read some other posts in here (possibly one of my own a while ago) and I understand that’s not what Agenda is trying to focus on, so that’s why i’m looking at what the other options are.
I should also clarify I have tried Noteplan before and it just didn’t click for me.


If you need a specialized task app, Things and OmniFocus are good. There are probably others that I am not so familiar with.

We are planning a major overhaul to Search and Filtering later this year. In that, it will be possible to just show unchecked items, and to search for notes with unchecked items, and even create an automated overview of the search. If those are the types of things you are missing, perhaps it worth waiting a bit.

There are many other apps in the note taking area too. I don’t know which ones are better than Agenda in tasks. Probably similar, given they are not task apps per se. Options off the top of my head include: Bear, Ulysses, Craft, and Notion.


GoodTask would be a good option, especially if you want to stick to Agenda.

GoodTask uses the database of the Apple Reminders app.
GoodTask has a Kanban board, tags, smart lists, quick actions, templates & better calendar integration.

It may not be the most beautiful app, but Things 3 is also a heavy opponent. (But you can create your own themes)

Due to the close connection to the Reminders app, you can use the app in conjunction with Agenda. And Siri can also help if you want to do something with the tasks. There is also a watchOS App and a macOS App.

This does not change the fact that Agenda works with the Reminders app, but in my opinion it would be a better task manager than Things 3 and then you can also use Agenda with your reminders instead of switching to another app.

The developer is also still constantly updating the app. And, if that changes, you still have all your tasks in Apple’s own app.


Don’t forget that you don’t need to renew your subscription unless you want new premium features. You get to keep all the premium features released before you subscription ends.

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I just started trying out TickTick and I like it so far! I was using 2Do before and also like it…

I like TickTick’s interface and that it has a habit tracker too…

Maybe it’s best to use both (Agenda and Things or OmniFocus).

HeyScottyJ has published here on the forum some workflows to integrate Agenda and OmniFocus which probably can be adopted to Things.

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I’ve used Omifocus, Agenda, Sorted and loads of others, the one I’ve found to be brilliant is Opus One, have a look. It’s like a digitsal filofax with reminders, goals, planning, tasks, diary, meeting integration. There are the occassional bug but nothing you can’t get past and it’s sooo powerful.


Just a quick question, but is that really how a subscription with Agenda works?

Considering a subscription here. But I thought that when you sign up for a Premium subscription, you would simply always get all premium features. But if it’s like what you’re saying: when a premium feature is released after I subscribe, I won’t get this feature? Sounds strange to me.

While you are subscribed, you get all premium features.

The confusion is perhaps about what happens when you stop your subscription. With most apps, when you stop your subscription, you lose all the features. We call this model “rental”, like when you rent a house.

We don’t use that in Agenda. Our system is more like a magazine subscription. When you stop your subscription, any premium feature that you unlocked in the past stays unlocked, forever. Only newer features, released after you cancelled the subscription, could still be locked. Like the magazine, you keep all the copies you already received, but don’t receive the new editions that come after you’ve stopped.


Thanks for clearing that up! :+1:t3:

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If you need some additional special-purpose features, my recommendation is to stick with Agenda and use hyperlinks for extra stuff. Full disclosure: I’m a cofounder of CogSci Apps Corp. which makes Hookmark. With Hookmark, you can bi-directionally link your Agenda notes to tasks in OmniFocus, Things or any other app that is link-friendly. Same goes for if you need to associate graphics — e.g., in Sketch , OmniGraffle. Even without Hookmark, you can include links in Agenda to the items out there; and many apps have linkback fields. E.g., OmniFocus tasks and projects have notes fields.

Agenda is a link-friendly app. The Agenda co-founders are signatories of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.

Compare: Using Hookmark to Integrate Agenda with Other Apps and Resources - Talk - Agenda Community.


+1 buy Hook, it’s a good app.

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I would suggest it is much better than a magazine subscription in that you keep getting new basic (non-premium) features, along with bug and OS compatibility improvements, in addition to being able to continue to use all the features you got while you were under the premium agreement.
These guys have offered the best there is for users, IMHO.


Thanks Dan! :raised_hands:

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