iOS 13 and the new Reminders

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I’m intrigued by the coming iOS 13 version of Reminders from Apple, as shown at WWDC recently - but I’m wondering what that will mean for Agenda’s fancy (and much-looked forward to) integration of that service?
As I’ve understood it, it’s a complete rewrite (and won’t sync to iOS 12, fx)?

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As far as I understand some features indeed are only available in the iOS13 version of the Reminders app, however the underlying data should still sync the same way, in our testing everything just worked as expected and should be fully compatible with the upcoming Reminders features in Agenda.


The main problem is the agenda link in the new reminders placed on the note field instead of URL field and after upgrade to the new reminders you are unable to tap on link and go to the note.

See this topic and how you can help by asking Apple to fix this:

It’s good decision for events because of the clickable links but for the new reminders it kills the feature because you must read reminder in notifications, remember words, go to the agenda and use search. Are you sure it’s really good way?

About the iOS12 and iOS13. You are unable to use the same reminders on the new and old OS. When you have upgraded to the new reminders all old OS lost access to them.

It should be easy to detect OS version and use note or URL field depend on that.

This is not an option as many people use a mixed environment. Also, please note that there’s an open bug that even if we programatically put the agenda URL in the URL field of the reminder programmatically (which in fact we do), it’s not showing in the Reminders app. Apple really didn’t pay much attention to 3rd party developers in the whole Reminders app integration I’m afraid. Hopefully by filing enough feedback they’ll correct this in future updates.

Now you can’t using reminders in mixed environment, it’s completely not possibele

But that’s not the point, there’s a bug that simply prevents us from setting the url field of a reminder programmatically, even if you only have iOS13 devices.