Integration with Things

What about the integration with Things app?


Latest Things beta supports Agenda for Quick Entry Autofill


Yes, 18.3.1 has what Things needs. The Things team have tested it, and assured me they will add Agenda support in an upcoming release. Should not be long.


Wow. Really?! I thought Things was forever going to remain a closed ecosystem. Great news.


Will that be Mobile too?

I don’t use things, in fact I prefer to leave everything I can in one app only. Agenda has been working pretty well for me… what are the advantages of things 3? How would it sync to agenda? It would sync projects, notes and checklists? This is a nice integration and I’d consider using it, but only if I could choose categories / projects to sync.

I’m sorry to dampen enthusiasm, there will be no sync between Agenda and Things… :sweat_smile:

Now Agenda supports Things Quick Entry Autofill feature:

  • Click on a project or note in Agenda

  • Invoke Things Quick Entry Autofill feature (for example with control-option-space keyboard shortcut)

  • Things automatically grab Agenda item title and link:

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Since Agenda works pretty well for you, I suppose you wouldn’t get any additional benefit from using Things.

Some people stopped using task managers in favor of apps such as Agenda, Noteplan, Obsidian + task management plugins etc…
Other people (like me) prefer to keep notes and tasks separate.

At the moment, in my opinion, task managers are a better solution for people who need to manage repeating tasks / routines.

In my case, I use OmniFocus and Agenda in conjuction:

  • OF to manage actionable tasks and projects lists
  • Agenda for documenting / progress tracking of OF projects (I mirror the structure of OF projects in Agenda) + personal journaling

The thing is, I use it with reminders and currently it is quite clunky to add them and the integration still has some back and forth issues in agenda. This is probably getting an upgrade soon though. I also use a timeblocks calendar. As a secondary viewer and way to add fast reminders, I use fantastical (I bought it before, never would pay for subscription).
If things worked better in terms of checklists and showing the project text, it would be way better. It also is an app I wish to try, had previous things (the one that was available only for iphone) and it was good.

You can try it for 15 days (MacOS):

Things workflow is based on start date (today/scheduled, anytime or someday), maybe it works for you

Thanks! I’ll wait for that Agenda integration so I can try both before I buy it

Main advantage of THINGS is that you can send an email’s content straight into Things. It would be a huge benefit if I could do that too from Agenda, sending a mail content right into my note.

@ghoorens , you can also, >save an e-mail as rich text in some folder and share that file into whatever project you want in Agenda<. Yes it’s more than 1 step, :scream:. You can also d&d the file into Agenda but only to where the cursor is. Better yet, link to it, RTF or in mail.

Thank you Bruce, but if they really wanted to they would develop an extension so that we just send it to the application.

Which versions of Agenda, Things and Things Helper did you use to get the Quick Entry Autofill working for you?

Agenda 18.3.1
Things 3.19.5 (beta, not yet released on Mac App Store)

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But I don’t get it… is it coming or not? An actual integration, because for me only 2-way sync would be useful. If there are too many steps (like checking done both apps) I think it isn’t worth it

Actual integration? Not at the moment.

Cultured Code is a secretive company, no one knows what’s in store for future Things major updates.

One thing I value is consumer transparency, devs accepting feedback from consumers. If it is not available, I’d rather not spend mu money on it (and it is expensive)

We only worked with Cultured Code to get the quick entry working. For that, we had to make some changes to our AppleScript support, and Cultured Code have to add Agenda as a supported app in Things.

That should be coming. They told me as much. It may even have shipped already, I’m not sure.

We have not got any two way integration with Things at this point. That would be a much bigger job.

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