Integration with Things

Got it. I don’t see a point in using it them. I don’t even know why it is so hyped, it is gtd, what every other app does

Yeah, if you don’t already use Things, there is probably not much point. We added the feature because a few people who use Things wanted the quick entry for their Agenda notes.

I just heard from the Things team that this has been shipped. So latest Things should have Agenda support for quick entry now.

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What about new agenda feature, can you give us a sneak peak on what is coming? :rofl:
Just kidding (but if you want to…)

We are working on search features for Agenda 19. It’s a major update to search.

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Will Agenda 19 have OCR search in images and PDFs (Apple Vision framework)? :pleading_face:


Awesome! Thanks for listening our feedback

Pencilkit was updated with many new tools too, wish they could be implemented in the ipad sketching option (including ocr copy sketch to text)

Probably not directly in the 19.0 release, but something we’d like to make possible down the line.

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Re: PencilKit, AFAIK Apple only added some new pen types to iOS 17. The shapes are currently private API, but my guess is that they will probably make this available to 3rd parties in future. When they do, we will make them available.

(If you know something I don’t know, please post it here.)

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