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At the moment it seems that there isn’t an integrated calendar/diary with day/week/month/year view which would allow you to view/add/edit events etc.; instead, you would have to open another calendar app such as Apple’s Calendar to see something like this. Would someone be able to let me know if this exists at the moment please? If not, I would like to suggest this as something for the Agenda team to consider releasing in the future. Many thanks!

We don’t have the intention to make Agenda a full-on Calendar app replacement (with month, week, year views etc), we on purposely see a workflow where the two work together. For daily note taking and keeping track of things during the day itself you’d use Agenda, while for date planning etc you’d use your Calendar app of choice. That way we are able to keep Agenda focused.

Maybe not a “full-on Calendar app replacement” but a toggle for a month view at least for the right hand pane (instead of always a list view) I think would be a logical step and one obviously much appreciated. That would only be echoing the data from Apple’s Calendar and Reminders apps in any case.

One gets the impression that you have definite ideas of your own about the UI based on the personal use-case which encouraged you to write the app, which is great - as a starting point. But often it seems your customers have others, and considering the price you’re asking, you might do well to do more than pay lip-service to the feedback.

The month view is what you get when you click the calendar icon at the top of the inspector to filter the date range to show. What we’d like to do is to indicate which days have an associated note. Much further than that we don’t have plans for at the moment.

That’s 100% correct, and that will for a large part keep on driving the development of Agenda as we are firm believers that this is what makes for great software. Ask a thousand people what they want and you get a thousand different answers. We make opinionated software because not doing so, we believe, would lead to unfocused and bloated app that tries to be a full calendar, full reminder, full drawing, full journaling, full contacts, full CRM, full mind-mapping, full [fill-in-your-favorite-type] app in-one. With a two-person team that’s not realistic.

A calendar month view has been requested a number of times but is not a very popular request if you compare it to The features we are working on right now…

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I think you’re overstating the case and exaggerating that point somewhat. The app is, after all, specifically calendar based, and it could be argued that having no option to see a month view in front of you, except by deliberately clicking to evoke a temporary little window (with no information in it apart from the dates of the year, by the way) isn’t quite the ticket. After all, one’s ‘agenda’ spans more time than can be seen in a list (or, hopefully it does) and let’s face it, overviews for agendas are great. But for that somewhat larger overview, we have to switch to some other app? In my mind’s eye I see that app: it’s (a choice of) a calendar view, or a notes view, or both at once, and the notes link to dates in an agenda style.

Yes, we feel that this is the right balance between trying to completely replace the calendar app (which we can’t anyway as Apple doesn’t provide the tools to do things like adding invitees etc), and focusing on the core functionality of Agenda: note-taking.

We feel that Agenda is the equivalent of a real-world pocket Agenda, which gives you a contextual view on your calendar for the day or week you’re at (like we show you the day’s calendar in the inspector and it’s quite easy to scroll a few days back and forth), but when you need to get a broader calendar overview or want to do some serious planning of your weeks ahead, you’d not do that with your pocket agenda but rather get a desk or wall calendar, which would on your mac be the equivalent of command-tabbing to the Calendar app.

Keeping Agenda simple and focused is why I left Notion and came back to Agenda. Agenda has a clear purpose and philosopy where Notion tries to be a watered down do everything wiki. In my opinion, Notion makes people ‘feel’ productive by engaging them in endless busy work without any real work being done.

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