Inserting Text Through X-callback URL

Hey! Im playing with shortcuts and im finding that when I append text to a note via identifier instead of text it doesn’t paste the text, is a know bug?

Could you post the x-callback-url you’re trying to use? Also, how did you obtain the identifier?

I take the identifier with reminders, but i have find that reminder’s id is different than note id

That’s correct, the two are not related. Unless you have created the note through x-callback-url there is no way to programmatically obtain the ID at the moment, so you have to use the note and project name instead, making sure you keep them unique.

A bit of a workaround to obtain the ID would be to, in Agenda, copy a note as an Agenda link, it will look something like: agenda://note/B012BFE8-1C5B-43EB-87A3-7345D2E4032B the last bit is the unique identifier of a note in this case.

Yes I have done that. I have created a shortcut to append the URL to the note. Then I can create a principal reminder with a which have the URL of the note (not reminder) with another shortcut, and I can play around with it. So I have a shortcut that complete a reminder and attach a new checkbox with reminder to the note. :smiley: I have been playing with them all the weekend :joy:

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