Insert Date and Time into a Note

Dating a note is useful. But I’m finding that I need to date and time paragrpahs within a single note.

In the note I’m keeping track of who agreed to do what and when, who sent what and when. So it’s basically a text file with new items/paragraphs added at the top. (Essentially a running log). Currently I’m typing out the date for each item, but a keyboard short cut to enter date and/or date and time would be useful. (I used to use TextExpander for this, but I stopped updating when MacOS introduced shortcuts - but not unfortunately date stamps!)

I realise each paragraph could be a seperate note, but that would seem to create an unnecessary number of notes which would clutter things up.

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We’ve indeed had similar requests, we have some ideas of how to allow for these. See also Time Stamp Feature

Thanks! The automator action works! Though weirdly, but not importantly, it doens’t work in this forum!

I was just wishing for that feature today, so I second the motion.

Still waiting for this feature -
I have seen a common data selector like // or \ automatically bringing the calendar to add a date to your note. This seems very simple to add. Any automation like this would be a huge help. Im sure you can think of hundreds of other quick keys.
I just need this one asap :slight_smile:

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