Import email into Agenda

I am a new Agenda user, migrating my workflow into it. So far, I have one biggest wish: it would be awesome if I could import emails into Agenda as new notes.

What I mean by that is something like Evernote does where you can send an email to Evernote and import its contents that way.

My usecase: I find myself copy-pasting parts of emails all the time into notes, and adding the link to the email itself so I can respond to it later. If I could forward an email to Agenda somehow, so I can edit the contents there, it would save me tons of time.

Disclaimer: I understand that this is far from a trivial issue. If we forward emails to an email address, how would Agenda know which project to add the email to? Most email apps don’t have a “share” option otherwise and what happens when you drag-and-drop is largely prescribed by the OS, etc… So I know it’s not easy. Which is why it is the kind of feature I’d be happy to pay extra as premium. :wink:


You can do that if you use Spark email client. It needs some more improvement, but you can get already something that you need.

Thanks for the hint but I doubt corporate would let me use it…

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I understand your point. There is a version of Spark even for companies though.

I know but I have zero leverage regarding software choices. We’re a multinational company.


Thanks for the suggestions, we have some ideas in this area, stay tuned!


MacSparky has a script you can use with the apple mail app on the Mac that brings a link over to Agenda

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Thanks, I’ll make sure to check it out.

Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

I would really like to see this for iOS/iPadOS, which form 90+% of my workflow.

With iOS it is already possible, both on Spark and Airmail. You just use the sharing option clicking on Agenda, and you can even select the project and the note where you want to save the email.

Thanks for the tip! Does it not work on the Mac? I’m not familiar with these apps and I mostly work on the Mac.

Actually, I was replying to kssvexec4y about iOS. On macOS, as I said up here, it works only partially. You can send the email to Agenda with Spark, but you cannot select a specific project and note. All the emails are sent to a new project automatically created.

I just realized that if you open an email on Spark on the macOS, you can select a part or all the text and share it on Agenda, sending the selected text to a specific note and project or creating a new note.

How to send an email link to Agenda from Apple’s iOS/iPadOS Mail app.

For those who don’t know yet, it’s relatively easy to send the link of an email in Apple’s Mail app to any project/note in Agenda. Here’s the recipe:

  1. Select email.
  2. Open the print dialog for this email.
  3. Enlarge the print preview to screen size.
  4. The Share icon appears at the top of the screen on the right side.
  5. Use the Share dialog as in any other program (e. g. Safari) to save a link of the email in any note in Agenda.

Have fun and best regards

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Thanks for the help guys.

I’d like to clarify that I need two things to happen: I need the contents of the email in Agenda, but I also need a link back to the mail app so I can respond to the email thread if needed. Right now, I need to first manually copy-paste email contents and then manually drag the email to Agenda to generate a link. It works but it’s tedious.

I believe Airmail is able to do that and is probably the only email app that can natively do so with one click once Agenda app is added as a service. You will need to create a new project named “untitled” for the app to be able to export it to.

Spark can handle sending email in text format directly to a project the app creates (Exported from Spark) but without the link.

My personal wish one day would be to be able to email notes directly into Agenda (similar to the way OmniFocus or OneNote function). For now Im using Spark and Preside email apps though and either creating Reminders which automatically show up in Agenda or just forwarding as text/HTML directly into a note.

You can copy a link to a thread in spark and paste it wherever you want. Bizarrely however the link takes you to a webpage with the thread at the time you created the link - so later emails aren’t included. Which is useless to me.

I’ve given up trying to make any automated links between Spark and Agenda. Instead, I do any combination of the following:

  • simply search in spark. (I moved to spark because at the time search in Mail was appallingly slow)
  • hit reply, and copy the resulting text which shows date of the email, sender etc, and paste into the relevant note. And delete the draft.
  • use the insert date command to record the fact I emailed. This lets me know to search in spark.

May be I am not getting it, but when I do the following I create a link in Agenda that directly links to the mail in Spark:

  • click on the 3 dots next to a mail in Spark. If you’ve added Agenda as a service in Spark, the Agenda icon becomes visible.
  • click on the Agenda icon.
  • select Save as: Link and click in the top hand right corner on Save.
  • the screen switches to Agenda and back to Spark et voila, a link appears in a new note in Agenda.

Ah! I’m not using the Spark share to Agenda feature. I tried it, but creating a new note each time just adds a new layer of complexity I don’t need.

I click the tree dots, and select ‘Create Link’. I then just paste this wherever I want in Agenda.

I would find it more useful if Spark’s share feature worked link the Share to Agenda in ios and allowed one to nativigate to a specific note etc.

My company doesn’t allow us to use anything besides Outlook or Apple Mail app, I’m afraid. If and when I move on to another company, I will probably try out Airmail as it sounds nice. :wink: