Ideas For Getting Around no Attachments in Notes

The more I’m rying to use Ageda in a real project environment, the more I’m feeling very debilitated by not being able to paste a graphic or attach a PDF. Taking screenshots, for instance to address issues really is important to us as developers and not having that capability is proving to be terribly difficult to overcome. Personally, I’d like that MORE than any iOS product at this point.

I’m wondering how others are coping wth this? Has anyone found a good workaround? One thing that I was experimenting with was putting the images and PDFs into Bear and then posting a link to an Agenda Note. This apparantly doesn’t work well but maybe another repository would?

Anyone finding a work around for this in your own workflow?

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One solution we did find and this looks like it will be a good interim solution is that we subscribe to a service called Wasabi, which is a cloud storage service that provides hot client drive support to your desktop. You get a cloud drive that looks just like another device on your screen. You can copy things to it just like it was another external hard drive. This IS NOT a synch service! It costs $4/TB/month.

They have a nice feature called “Copy to HTML Link” which is available for any file on the drive. You highight the file, right-click and click this Copy To HTML Link, then go to Agenda and Paste the link. This becomes a clickable link to the image or PDF. It’s not ideal, but it works nice.

Sounds like a good workaround for now. Another would be to put images in a folder in Finder, and drag them into Agenda so they turn into a link.

If we could, we would add all features at once. But every one of them takes months of development time. We will get to images soon enough.

To be clear, they don’t turn into a clickable link per se. They turn into a shortcut to the Finder app. Clicking on that link only opens finder and shows where the attachment/image is. Seems that this could be modified to open the item automatically based on the suffix. Oh well.

I don’t think we could do that. An app that is “sandboxed” can’t open any file without you choosing it. So we would have to ask you to use an open panel, which would defeat the purpose.

The Finder could indeed open the file for the link, but I guess chooses not to do that. In any case, once iOS is out of the way, we will work on attachments and images.


I use Dropbox for all my documents so I get around it by using the Copy Dropbox Link facility on the document on my Mac. But that will only open the document online at Dropbox, not the original doc on my computer.

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A quick update to let you know that you can now add attachments to your notes, see: