iCloud sync

My employer blocks icloud drive access, making sync across devices / cloud backup impossible for me with the current implementation. Are you considering hosting your own sync service similar to omnifocus?


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We don’t have such plans in the short term I’m afraid. It’s a lot of complexity and responsibility to write our own sync service. Not saying we’ll never do it, there are good reasons for it, but things like the iOS app, inline images etc have a higher priority at the moment. See also Other sync solution than iCloud needed

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I really like your app design and its potential, but you’re limiting the app’s usefulness by not having an alternate sync solution. It’s fairly common for corporations to limit iCloud Drive access for client security. I hope you reconsider and invest in your own sync solution (similar to apps like Things). Until then, I’m staying with other note applications.

Again, kudos for the design and overall concept.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback and we do understand. We might very well deliver alternatives at some point in the future, but this is not trivial and therefore other things simply are of higher priority for us at the moment, like the inline images support.

We limit iCloud Drive at our company as well, which is unfortunate as I cannot take full advantage of Agenda across my devices. So, add my vote for an additional syncing solution!

Hi Mike - What’s an alternative notes app you are using? Thanks! - Adam

I agree with Mike. As much as I enjoyed using the app today (loved the calendar tie-in), I needed an alternative sync solution to iCloud for the reasons already mentioned. I’d also enjoy having an option to add files, pictures, and audio.

Hey Adam,
I’m currently using Apple’s Notes app. It’s limited as far as features, but it does sync without having turn on iCloud drive.

Thanks for the tip!

I’m having the same issue, iCloud drive blocked by my organisation. I think Dropbox sync might work though, if you had that option. Anything to hope for?

As mentioned, we do plan to add more options for sync and Dropbox is indeed our highest priority alternative if we add one.