iCloud sync between mac and iOS



What I did:
I use iCloud for synchronising between the latest Mac beta version 2.3(40) paddle and th elatest IOS version.

What happened:
On IOS, some of my sticky notes with mainly checklists don’t show the complete content but end after the first 3-4 lines. The notes are open and extended. Also in editing mode, the rest is missing. Other notes I add on either sides will sync without issues.
Modifying one on Mac, will correct the corresponding on IOS. Doing the same to a second one won’t work reliably.

What I expected:
It’s clear what I would expect… :wink:


So you were able to fix some by making a small edit on the Mac? But there is one that doesn’t work?

Does it help to make a small edit on the iOS side?

It may be worth restarting the iPhone to see if that jolts iCloud. If not, you could try turning off the sync in the Preferences on the Mac, and in the app settings on iPhone, and when asked, remove the cloud data. Then turn on sync again one device at a time.



Thanks - well, after updating a bit here and there, it actually synchronised nicely. I know that iCloud is doing its’ own thing and not everything is easily controllable by the application.
Issue seems to be solved…


Glad to hear that!