I don’t actually use the calendar function in Agenda much. How can i use it better?

I’m realising that in using agenda for my project notes I am not really using it for its calendar function, which feels like I’m missing out on benefits. Any thoughts on how to best use the calendar function? Otherwise I’m realising apart from the ‘on the agenda’ view I might as well just be using any notes app.

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I use it heavily for meeting (projects) notes. So, I have a meeting about a #project with @people and I link the note to a day, or to the specific meeting. If it’s a project note that isn’t tied to a meeting, I just tie it to that day.


I don’t use the calendar aspects very often either, and I am an Agenda founder :smiley:

I wouldn’t worry about it. Different people use the app differently. I still get a heap of use out of the app. It’s not just another note taking app, even if you don’t use the calendar much.

The On-the-Agenda aspect is gold, the project based focus, the note timeline which is completely unique. I also love that the app gives me spatial awareness, where other note taking apps randomize that structure. And navigational aspects like recently edited, history of navigation etc I haven’t seen in many note taking apps either.

In short, yes the time aspect is very important, but it manifests in more ways than one. Even if you are not a heavy calendar user, Agenda is still a very capable and unique note taking app.


I use Agenda mainly for my study, so here is how I use Calendar (connected to Apple’s Calendar).

My lectures and everything related to university is logged and added in the Calendar. If I click any event on my Calendar, say my last Electricity lecture, I will find an Agenda link in the notes section of that event and if I click it, it will open the note related to that lecture.

That note contains info about my lecture notes, things to read, to-dos for any quizzes and assignments related to this lecture…etc.etc.

Plus, any to-do related to this lecture (note), like a quiz to-do, I add an Apple’s Reminder from Agenda. This Reminder event (aka To-Do task) which is related to the specific Agenda note if you open the task in Reminder you’ll find a link takes you to the specific Agenda note. So I’m using Reminder for the notifications and for breaking out big tasks into multiple smaller tasks. If I mark a task as Done from Reminder or Agenda it will sync both ways.

This way when I need to come back to something I can find it easily.

For my personal life I don’t create a Calendar event for everything, except if it’s a meeting or for example GP appointment…etc. For other general notes and non-time-sensitive I just assign a date from the Calendar menu without creating or linking to any Calendar events. And if that note contain any to-dos, I just use the Agenda built-in check list.

@drewmccormack Would love if Address in the Add New Event can auto-complete the address.

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It would really depend on what you do. Before, i didn’t use it as mch. But in my new role, i meet with clients almost every day. How i use this is create notes for my upcoming meetings and add relevant info I want to cover for that meeting.

For example, December 1, i had a meeting with action items. I work on it for the next few days. Before i move to another client or task, i create a new note attaching it to the next weekly meeting, then say i completed this and add some other relevant info.

Come the day of meeting on Dec 7, i already have my notes and don’t worry about it.

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Yup, that’s indeed exactly how the idea behind Agenda came about.