I can't edit the colour of a note, I have to edit a colour and then apply it to the note


When I’ve wanted to find the right colour for a type of note, I’ve found it hard to experiment because it doesn’t seem to be possible to edit the colour and see it applied to the selected note(s) at the same time. I would expect that when I select a note and choose ‘Edit Colours…’, any colour changes I make would immediately apply to the selected note(s).



This is how it used to work but this brings the problem of how to then save that colour, so we prefer to keep that in the color manager. It makes it harder to experiment but at least guarantees an easier application once you set on a color. We’ll consider adding some preview option.

Thank you. I choose pale colours with a low opacity for my notes, which can be hard to see until I apply them. But I enjoy being able to colour-code my notes; it’s really helpful. I use light blue for work tasks and light yellow for personal tasks, which in combination with the agenda (which is what I’m working on this week) is achieving a lot that I’d have had to use tags to do before, and in a much more pleasing way.