Changing existing colours assigned to notes


When I edit a colour I’ve created and applied to notes, I expect all notes assigned that colour to change appearance accordingly. However, what actually happens is that the link between the notes with the previous colour and the preset colour is lost. Agenda renames the preset, and I then have to rename it again and select all notes to reapply the colour.

Since my notes of a certain colour span many projects, the most efficient way to do a mass colour change is to first search for the colour. This way, they are all ready to be recoloured after the update.

How many notes might Agenda struggle with when being selected and having all their colour changes made at once?

I think that if a colour has been applied to notes, you should be able to edit the colour and see the change being applied in real-time without having to reselect notes to reassign the colour.

This follows on from my previous query: I can't edit the colour of a note, I have to edit a colour and then apply it to the note

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We’ll take this into consideration but currently it indeed doesn’t update the color of all notes with the assigned color.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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