How to sync without using full iCloud drive?

What I did: Turned on icloud drive

What happened: Aganda worked fine, but my work laptop collapsed under the weight of my 2TB icloud drive

What I expected: To be able to turn off the icloud drive but still sync Agenda

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): All the latest gear ;).

Hi there,

I am a fan of Agenda and am using it regularly (though mostly instead of notes rather than calendar functions). I have it syncing with my personal laptops and phone, but have a work laptop with a smaller ssd drive that just constantly complains about space available if I turn on icloud drive (I tried all of the space saving options but the local drive just fills up and moans constantly). As a result I have turned off icloud drive, and therefore Agenda syncing between my work and home machines which is really hampering its usefulness for me.

Its not Agendas fault I have tone of stuff on icloud of course, or that my work machine is under resourced in space, but is there a way to have it sync without needing the full icloud drive turned on (I am signed in on all machines, that isnt an issue)? I couldn’t see a way, so my work agenda app is isolated and unhappy… :frowning:

Many thanks!

I definitely see where you’re coming from. It will not be possible to offer iCloud based sync without iCloud drive I’m afraid, we do however want to offer more sync options, most likely starting with Dropbox support. Perhaps that would be an option for you.
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Thanks for the reply :).

Dropbox I am not keen on really, any chance of OneDrive? Also, is the data to be encrypted before uploading to the shared space (just a concern I have if it isn’t going to iCloud I guess).

Many thanks!

Both OneDrive and encryption are on the roadmap but won’t be in the first iteration I’m afraid.

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That is great news, I look forward to it :smiley:

Best wishes!

Hi again!

I wanted to give some thoughts on where these options could go that might be good for people who have issues like mine, or perhaps different work environments etc. The below is just my idea of where you could go with the cloud services.

With multiple sync sources (potential google drive, dropbox, OneDrive as well as iCloud), it would be kinda awesome if we could choose which sync services per project group as well. I am picturing that I could have my work projects all sync with OneDrive on my work laptop, on my home laptop I could be using iCloud (or dropbox whatever), but on my phone, which i use everywhere, I could turn on both OneDrive and iCloud/Dropbox/Whatever and have everything synced to that device, without having my home projects on my work laptop, or my work projects on my home laptop.

All services should be encrypted by Agenda before storing in the cloud services of course.

This would make it a pretty powerful and flexible tool for a range of scenarios.

Don’t know if that is what you were thinking already, just thought I would throw it out there. I know it’s more complicated than a simple iCloud or Dropbox for the whole shebang scenario, but it is also a lot better (I think).

I am sure you will do great wherever you take it of course, just figured if this was a possibility I may as well float it past you… :wink:

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. Perhaps we can move in this direction in the longer term. Encryption is certainly on the roadmap. In the short-term, we will just offer a binary choice between iCloud and Dropbox, to solve the sync problem for people who at this point can’t use iCloud. That’s the short term goal.