How to sort within a project?

What I did: try to sort notes by titles or assigned dates within a project.

What happened: there is no option other than sort by create date.

What I expected: I can sort by titles or assigned dates as I do in the search result.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 18

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Within a project you can only sort on date, only in overviews you can sort on title, color etc


Is there any chance to support this in the future?

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We’ll take it into consideration.

This is a crucial feature, it seems to me. AFAICT, Agenda seems to sort first by assigned date, and then by creation date-time. This would be (barely) acceptable if I managed always to create notes in the order that I want them displayed in.

But I’m not that perfect. I’ll often remember to add a new note several hours after its proper slotted time. And there’s currently no way at all to get it “right,” other than deleting and re-adding each subsequent note in order.

Please enable the grayed-out “View > Sort Notes by” options in projects!

It’s very important to realise that notes are not sorted in projects on creation date but on assigned date, the date you assign to the note, you can quickly (re)assign notes to today (using cmd-return or by typing \today), yesterday (by typing \yesterday), etc and it will adjust the sorting accordingly.

Similarly, you can also after the fact link a note to a calendar date (by clicking the calendar icon next to the title) and have the note be sorted correctly.

Finally, undated notes and notes that have the same day assigned can be rearranged using drag-and-drop, or using the cmd-control-up/down arrow.

Not need to delete anything

Yup! I grok all this; the problem lies in assigned date not including time: items within the project are being sorted beautifully by assigned date, which is basically what I want about 98% of the time. It’s just that I want them then to be sorted by the specific relevant time.

Let’s say I was keeping track of bird sightings. I see an Eastern Bluebird, and create a note in my “Bird log” project for 2023-07-27:

13:03 | Sialia sialis

I then see an American Kestrel at 13:10, but get distracted by a phone call. And at 13:40 I see a Hermit Thrush. I create a new note for the Hermit Thrush:

13:40 | Catharus guttatus

and then remember the Kestrel, so I create a new entry:

13:10 | Falco sparverius

Ideally, I wouldn’t need to enter the times in the title — but I do so so that the items will sort correctly in “Today” view and in any other overviews. But they do not sort correctly in the project view.

:exploding_head: OK, that is helpful. I’d still prefer a way to have this automatically work, but this does work around the problem pretty well. Thank you!

[ “mekentosj— cool username, btw. ]

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Thanks for the clear explanation of the use case. I’ve just discussed this with @drewmccormack and we’ll try to also make it possible to sort projects on title etc in an 18.1 update.


That would be so wonderful!

Thank you for your patience as we clarified things!

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Is there a way to reassign a note to its creation date? I seem to have bunch of notes floating to the top of my project that don’t seem to have assigned dates and there is no way - that I can see - reassign those notes to something else, yet they sit at the top of my list even though they were create eons ago.

Are the notes pinned? If so, you can change that with the menu on the dot button on the left of the note.

If they aren’t pinned, you can drag the notes by the top to other positions. Notes in projects can be reordered.

If the notes are in an overview, you can change the sort order using the menu you get when you tap on the title above the list of notes.

They are not pinned. They seem to be notes without an assigned date. Maybe that’s an artifact of sorting by assigned date, when none was ever assigned? I fixed it by looking at the create date in show info and assigned that date to it. I don’t fully grok your intent with only allowing sorting by the assigned date, but maybe the default assigned date could be the create date? But maybe that would have unintended consequences.

Notes without any date assigned can be sorted to any position in the project that you like, just drag and drop them to where you feel they make most sense. Their position initially is simply determined by the order in which you created them.

You can already do this by enabling the “Assign new notes to today” option in the Agenda preferences.

Got it thanks.

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