How to search on colour of note?

I believe Agenda 18 supports searching by the colour of notes.



Side note: I’ve spent ages trying to find latest release notes or instructions in the community for this without success. Release notes appear to have disappeared, can’t find instructions. Searching on ‘color’ and ’search’ doesn’t find anything relevant except a report about a bug with searching on color in the beta for A18. Am I doing something wrong?

It’s done via the new color manager, as shown here:

The latest release notes can always be found here: Release Notes

Or even easier just pick Release Notes from the Help menu inside the app.

Thanks, finally found it!

In iOS the search is under “edit colours”. I was originally expecting it via the search menu, along with status like OTA,

Then when you said in the colour manager, via click and holding the colour.

Is there any way to create an overview: “Yellow” AND “on the Agenda”?

Or is that part of the upcoming overhaul of search?

You can do that now, actually.
Make an overview of notes with a certain colour.
Save it.
Now, within this overview, search for notes that are OtA.
Save that overview and remove the former.


Brilliant, thanks!

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