How to restore example projects

What I did: Deleted the sample projects on Agenda 14

What happened: Sample projects are not restorable. Tried to restore them according workarounds here in the community forum.

What I expected: to restore sample projects on ipados

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 14, ipados 15.4, 2018 ipad pro

If you delete all of them, empty the trash, and then in the Preferences > Help and Support run the welcome tour again, it should ask you at the end again if you’d like to install them. Let me know if that works.

Unfortunately it doesn’t ask after running the welcome tour.

I just tried and it worked for me, key is really that you need to first delete all sample projects, and you need to go into the bin/trash and empty it. Only then the welcome tour will ask the question at the end.

I really did it in this way. All sample projects deleted. Trash Bin is empty. Started the Welcome Tour and don’t get the question at the end.

Any workaround?

I remembered you can also download them from here as a workaround:

See if that works for you.