How or can I download the sample projects independently?

What I did: deleted sample projects

What happened: deleted Agenda after creating agenda file of my projects and sent to myself then downloaded Agenda again

What I expected: to see sample projects again but no luck. My project was there but had to set preferences again…hmmmm

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Most recent version of iOS and Agenda.

Not fully understanding this. It is generally not a good idea to delete data and reinstall it, if that is what you are doing.

You should be able to delete the welcome data just like a normal project. If you install on other devices you can choose not to have the sample data.

Basically I deleted the sample projects but would like them back. Can I do that somehow?

Thanks Al

I see. You can run the Welcome Tour from the Help menu on macOS, and I think you would be able to import the samples at the end of it. If I am wrong, let me know, and I will arrange to send you download links.

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Can you do this on iOS? I downloaded Agenda ages ago, deleted the welcome projects and didn’t really use the app - I would now really like them back and the welcome tour didn’t restore them?

You can download them from here:

Sample (1.5 MB)

Not on iPhone - it just loaded gobbledegook… I guess you must have to be on Mac?

I guess you must have to be on Mac?

Yes, or otherwise you must first open it in an app on your iPhone that can unzip the file and then open it in Agenda.