How to document meetings that discuss multiple projects

I am working with various customers on one project each for a total of three projects in all. All projects are being tracked in Agenda as separate “Projects” (each falls under its own Category = Name of the Customer).

When I have a meeting with our engineering team, we discuss all three projects and the progress we’ve made on them. I keep the notes from these meetings in a single note.

Here’s where my workflow has caught a snag. The note is complete in and of itself, however, all the projects are now “incomplete” because they have not been updated with the meeting minutes.

Do you guys copy-paste meeting minutes into their respective projects or is there a better way. There has to be a better way, right?

Oh, and by the way, discovered Agenda barely 3 days back. I love this app so far, and love the “cash cow” pricing model too!

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You can create a new project or category for meetings and include a link to each note of the projects you discuss

You know, that’s how I was thinking about it too. But what it really ends up doing is create a bunch of hyperlinks inside the main project and thus, it’s impossible to scroll through the project knowing what’s going on. You’ll essentially end up having to click on each and every link.

This would be solved by a feature request - essentially, when inserting a linked note, Agenda could provide an option for the linked note to be previewed inline (expanded mode if you will.) This way, even though the actual note lies in a “Meetings” project, other projects can also have inline views of the notes from this meeting by linking to it.

Another way to think of it is how attachments get added to a note. It could be a thumbnail (link), or it could be inserted inline (full-width).

To reduce redundancy, this request is already being discussed here.