How do I sync my Mac Agenda to my iPad Agenda App

I have already purchased and restored the premium version on both devices.

I also have the same account linked and the [sync] feature on icloud for both.

Is there something im missing?

Hi Lesley

Two possibilities:

  1. You need to have iCloud Drive enabled, as well as iCloud see this ‘how to’: Stay in Sync
  2. It can take some time for syncing to happen.

Hope that helps!

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Are you seeing any data come across at all? Is some of the data appearing at least? If so, your iCloud is setup correctly.

If some of the data is not appearing, you could try restarting the devices, and try letting Agenda run in the foreground for 10-20 minutes. Usually after the first sync, it should be fast.

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I am not seeing any information sync at all.

I have restarted both devices, and restarted Agenda and also connected and reconnected the ICloud setting to make sure its set up.

Anything else to try?


Jk it works now! Pheeeeew

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Glad to hear!