How do I remove a cal date that seems to be stuck in Overviews?

What I did: I have no idea. I have a date from last year in the Overviews sidebar section and I can’t figure out how to remove it.

What happened:

What I expected: I expected to be able to select it and pull it off the sidebar… I don’t want to delete the note, but I do want to remove this calendar date from the sidebar… not sure how it got there either??

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Newest version of Agenda (current Premium holder), Most recent MacOS.

This is probably the today overview, which in previous updates could get stuck on a certain date, you can reset it by selecting it, then clicking the little circle at the top next to the left and right arrows. Once reset it should now stick properly on “Today”

Nope… I don’t see a “left and right” arrow. It seems to be stuck in “Smart Overviews” as an option ? When I clicked the little circle next to the date of this date, it allowed me to switch to “Today”… Can you provide a link to basic housekeeping for the sidebar?

Is there a general sidebar housekeeping how to? I don’t see anywhere where one can create a new “Smart Overview”. This is a great app, but the help topics are all over the place! Is there a general basic, “how to” manual that one can browse easily without needing to sift through support conversations? Thank you for creating such an easy, clever app… it’s been a huge time-saver.!

You find the complete manual here: How To - Agenda Community, with specifically this topic on smart overviews: Searching and Filtering