How Can We Use Agenda Between a Team

I am using Agenda on my mac devices and it syncs perfectly. But now I want to connect with my teaam members who are also using Agenda on their device/s. Is there any way that we can share the projects and sync details that anyone updates on a project ??


We are working on making this possible, it shouldn’t be too long anymore. Stay tuned!


Thanks. Any update on Windows version ??

A Windows version is unfortunately still a very long way out, see also The features we are working on right now…

Good to know

I also came here looking for a solution to share with my team. use case - use template to make meeting agenda note for regular team meetings, put in meeting details / topics for that meeting & then share with team members (who do not currently have agenda).

I was hoping there would be a way to “push to google docs” or something.

I am looking over the features being worked on now, but am just curious inregards to this feature request - what use case is driving the feature development? what is going to be acheived once collaboration/using agenda with a team is released?

We are working on collaboration right now. It is a major feature, with a lot of work in the cloud, so it is a big project for us. At this point we expect to release the feature first half of 2022. It’s been delayed a bit, and we will have one major release before the collaboration feature comes out.

What will it allow you to do? Basically to share a note with other Agenda users, similar to how Apple Notes does it. Anyone who is sharing will see live updates, and be able to make their own changes. Should be good for teams and meetings.

I wouldn’t expect a full Google Docs replacement. We are a very small team, and have to focus on a limited set of features. Just don’t have the resources of a Google. But we like the way it is coming along. It has a few features that we haven’t seen anywhere else, and we think it should satisfy most Agenda users. Stay tuned!


Is sharing the note to a browser ever likely? Every project, collaboration, team, I’ve ever been part of always has both Mac and Windows users!

It won’t be in the initial launch. Building a web app is completely different to building a Mac or iOS app. We would have to do rebuild many things, including the editor — which is very complex — from scratch.

We would like to add some web functionality some day, but just allowing existing users to collaborate is an important — and already difficult — first step.


Any update on this.

We have moved to work on Agenda 15 now, which will contain the ability to share notes with other Agenda users.

So this will have a collaboration kind of feature ?? When is it expected to go online.

Yes indeed, it will be part of Agenda 15, the next bigger update. We don’t have an ETA yet.

Any chance of this update also making Agenda compatible with windows and / or android platforms.

No, that is an entirely different thing. Requires rewriting a lot of the app in other programming languages for other platforms. I’m afraid we can’t make any predictions about that.

To give perspective, Agenda 15 will allow existing users of Agenda to collaborate on individual notes. A team could share a note, editing it collaboratively, for a meeting or other purpose.

To damper expectations, don’t expect Agenda to suddenly replace Slack. It’s not that. It’s editing a note in Agenda, where others can see the same note in their Agenda. There won’t be any web component either at this stage.



Any update on the ETA of Agenda 15 with collaboration feature ??

We are working on it now, and planning to launch in the fall with the new Apple OSes.


Any update on this team feature yet?

It will be part of Agenda 16, the update quickly following the one that should be out next week.


fantastic! We have been using to keep meeting notes and keep track of billable hours while we are taking notes during our meetings as we are a consulting firm. If you have any suggestions how best to do what we do as a consulting firm, we are all ears.

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