How can I reset Agenda to original state?

Agenda had some default projects that I’d like to see again. I haven’t added any notes that I want to keep. I tried deleting and reinstalling, but this didn’t revert to original state.

In order to reset Agenda you have to delete its container:

  • quit Agenda
  • in Go to Folder in Finder, paste:
  • delete the folder called com.momenta.agenda.macos or move it to somewhere else if you want to keep a backup of what you had.
  • in the (Applications > Utilities), type the following command followed by a return:
    killall -u $USER cfprefsd
  • start Agenda

Thank you, but I should have mentioned that I’m using the iPad app, not Mac.

@alexolszewski If you’re trying to restore the sample data, there’s helpful info here: Getting back the sample projects

And a little more for the iOS on the same subject, here: Re-install the sample data

In that case it’s very easy, if you don’t care about the data you already have, simply delete the app (press and hold the app icon) and reinstall it from the App Store.

This didn’t work for me. I have tried everything: followed these instructions a million times, uninstalled and reinstalled Agenda on all my devices, moved and deleted this and that, but no matter what I do, all my old stuff is still there. All my old categories, projects, the window size, etc. remain the same. The only thing that changes is that I get the little introduction video again and sometimes the sample projects return (sometimes they return, but start vanishing one by one for some reason.) All I want is to start over with a clean slate and have Agenda be exactly the way it was when I opened it for the very first time. :sob:

This is most likely caused by your iCloud data being restored. Try the following:

  1. (force) quit agenda on all your devices or put them in airplane mode
  2. on one of your devices that is still connected to the internet, go to the settings and turn off iCloud sync. Answer yes to the question whether to remove any data in iCloud.
  3. remove Agenda from all your devices
  4. reinstall from the app store

I can’t find any “turn off iCloud sync” option or “remove any data in iCloud” on my iMac. I signed out and followed the steps, and it did work, but as soon as I log on again, everything came back (of course).

I’m referring to “Remove Data” in this sheet: