Re-install the sample data

Is there a way I can get a copy of the sample data?

The sample projects can be obtained from here again: Getting back the sample projects

Thanks, Alex, I’ve been reading a lot of Community posts and probably had seen, but not retained, that you had posted a link for the sample data. I guess I didn’t remember because I don’t know how to import a file in iOS.

I’m going to presume this is on the file menu on the Mac version only. I had already looked for such a command in the iOS version in anticipation of asking about this. I even went so far as to create a project to house the files. I just hadn’t put two and two together yet.

So… please correct me if I’m wrong. Download the zip to my hard drive and unpack it, then use the Mac Agenda to import. Voila. iCloud sync gets those files onto my iOS Agenda.

Thanks again!

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I tried this on iOS just out of curiosity (I still have the original data) and found that I could copy the zip file to my Dropbox but not download or preview it. However, when I tried searching for it in Dropbox with my unzip utility, that worked, and it asked me which app to open it in. I didn’t go beyond that in case I managed to corrupt the version I already have, but I imagine that asking it to open in Agenda would do the trick (:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::smile:)