Hierarchy Thoughts

Im an extensive user of:

  • Apple notes (4000+ notes)
  • Things (used to use Omnifocus)
  • OmniOutliner (since it came out)
  • Evernote (4000+ notes)

You new tool has great promise. In my mind though Im trying to justify why I would switch. So Ive been testing and curious about a few things.

  1. Most of my heirarchy’s notes look like this:
    Topic > Subtopic > Subtopic > Subtopic > Subtopic > Note

Research > Funnels > Ryan Levesque > Ask Program > Module 1 > Notes

This is the extreme case but also the most common. Dozens of examples using this deep of hierarchy.

The problem with research and taking notes is the data can get unwieldly if I cannot organize large amounts of data in hierarchy like this…unless you have a better way.

The reason OmniOutliner was so successful was this exact reason. Im wondering how you are thinking about this issue? Am I missing something you’ve thought through? Thanks

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Don’t think you are missing anything. Really just a question of hours in the day. We would like to support deeper hierarchies, and we will no doubt at some point. We decided for the first version to keep it simple.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Drew. Consider getting the platform right on the desktop before you put all the energy into IOS. In my experience, unless you have deep pockets, it will suck your energy dry. All the best to you guys I think with time it will be a product to switch to.


There are two of us, and we have a lot of experience, so we are confident we can do it.

Frankly, it’s not really an option to not release an iOS app in the short term. We want it just as much as everyone else.

It’s obvious you have a lot of experience. The tool is looking great and you are on to a great idea that I think as it evolves will attract a LOT of users. Keep up the good work as I know you are putting in tons of time and expertise on it. I love the way it looks.

The tool called Things went through a phase where they needed to sort the product out as well and they succeeded. Simple yet accomplishes in a less cluttered way than OmniFocus. I look forward to your future releases.


I’ve said this elsewhere, but I think it’s relevant here …

Why switch?
Evernote has a huge installed base and a broad feature set that solves a broad set of problems.
Agenda is just getting started and should remain highly focused.

Integrate Agenda with Evernote so that Evernote can remain the behemoth master repo of all the things and Agenda can serve as the interface for your timeline-centric note needs.

The ability to use an outline hierarchy is very important. Eg.:

And so on.

I noted a similar comment from Ed Ferrigan.

I use OneNote, which has extensive outline capability, but I like Agenda’s concept of being event- and date-oriented, and it’s a beautiful application.

Please keep at it!


I could also use the outline hierarchy in my taking notes. I use Agenda often for class projects or class notes, and this feature would greatly increase my productivity when using this app.

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Outlining does work. The numbers will adapt to the level of indentation.

What is not yet supported are mixing of label types. We will look to doing that in future.

Kind regards,

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I’m warned how last reply was 8 months ago, but it is actually my question. How can I get confidence in development if you wrote down year ago how feature will be added in couple of days and after entire year it is still not available?

Where did I say it would be added in a couple of days? Please quote what I said. I think you must be taking it out of context. If we say a couple of days, we mean it, and we never say it unless we can do it.

Well…I can agree with you (and please don’t take me as malicious, as it is not my intention), if we will speak literarly, but I’m just wandering, when will be that ‘some point’.

My comment is targeted on your price model (not on your personal reply) and lack of very essential feature as it is in the topic started. In other words, I like app idea (concept), as well I would like to contribute development by purchase of license, but question will remain - what time is needed to wait for some very basic and essential features?

“Some point” can literally be anytime in the coming years.

We can’t make promises or even estimates about delivery dates, because software is notoriously difficult to predict, and things can change. If I say you will get X in August, I guarantee you will be 10 times more annoyed when it doesn’t arrive in August than you would otherwise be.

Here is a general list of our priorities: The features we are working on right now…

As for purchase, I would say you should base your decision on what is available right now, not what we might do. The 12 months of free features is a nice bonus, but I don’t think it is a good idea to gamble on features being introduced. Better to say “I need this feature now, and it is there, so I will purchase” or “There is no premium feature I really need, so I will wait”.