Hide capability

I have seen this suggested, and I know it can be implemented.

I have been using “Things” and like much of what I am experiencing with Agenda. However, one feature would make it so much better ( for me at least ).

I keep open items “On The Agenda”. Many of my tasks have checkbox lists. This is similar to “Things”. However, in that program, if I check off an item, it then is hidden, so only the pending items show.

In Agenda, I have many tasks and I currently have to do a LOT of scrollng through completed items. Moving stuff around is laborious, and can be confusing.

So … how about making it possible to have checked items hidden when the task is displayed in On the Agenda. Make the option a setup item. It sure would make this a more efficient display.


We indeed would like to add more options when it comes to lists, like hiding checked items, or sorting checked items to the bottom. See also The features we are working on right now…

in our workflow, it is important that we can have done items reappear where they were before - Omni Focus has that feature. This would be very cool

I will say that one of my favorite things about Agenda is that it doesn’t hide completed items. As much as I like OmniFocus, one of my big frustrations with it is how once stuff is done, it just kind of disappears (I’m aware of the “Completed” perspective option, but afaik it only organizes into buckets like today / yesterday / last week.

I absolutely agree and look forward to more advanced display options for checkbox items… with the hope that Agenda maintains its current behavior, which I find very useful.

in Focus, You can choose from the ‘view’ to get all items, available items (‘undone’) and 2 other views . That’s not from perspectives, it’s the ‘eye’-icon on top left (iPad version).
So, You have all items in the original order or just the ‘undone’ ones. Mostly, I had ‘all’ selected, but with longer lists, showing the ‘undones’ became handy

That said, I do no longer use focus - I’m using Agenda exclusively for to-do lists, tracking projects. The ‘toggle’ between items with a specific ‘status’ is one if the things I’m missing

This is in fact an important part of the philosophy behind Agenda, no not delete things and preserve the paper trail that form the breadcrumbs of your past. Having said that, we do want to offer more display options including the ability to resort a list with the checked items to the bottom or hide (not delete) the checked items in a way where it’s still obvious that they are there when needed. In addition we would like to add more summary options for notes, for example in overviews or when searching, including the options to only show unchecked items.