Hebrew - עברית


Status: Investigating, inviting translators

This topic is for discussion the Hebrew translation of Agenda. Feel free to leave your suggestions, corrections, and comments here.

Want to help translate Agenda to Hebrew? Reply to this post and we’ll add you to this translation project.

Do you encounter any issues, have suggestions or comments, leave a post here as well, your feedback is highly appreciated!

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To set fair expectations, Hebrew is one of the languages that still requires a lot of under-the-hood changes, including left-to-write editing and UI support. In addition, as we don’t speak the language ourselves, it’s not easy to do without the help of native speakers. To set the right expectations, this means that it won’t be as easy to bring support in the very short term. We do however want to bring it eventually and we’re looking for people who can help us realise this goal.

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I’m here to help.
Let me know how it works.

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I’m available to help translate Agenda :slight_smile:

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For possibly a fair amount of users who use both English and Hebrew, you do not need to start with full translation. Just supporting R2L text will be great, and this should be some of the OS built in functionality.

The only need is support for RTL. Translating the whole app is not needed.

And I will be glad to help of course…:grinning:

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Will Hebrew support will be a paid upgrade?

No, once we get it to it, it should be free to all users.


After several months of using your service, I have come to the conclusion that without Hebrew support or at least the ability to align text to the right, I cannot work with this service.
If the situation stays that way when my subscription ends, I will not renew it again.

for your information.


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Fair enough, I can understand your position Ronen. Unfortunately there are many items on the list to juggle with for a team of two, and while Hebrew support is on that list, it’s not yet near the top I’m afraid. In the end you are the only one who can decide whether the app fulfils your needs and whether you are better off switching to a product that does support Hebrew.

Same here