Hebrew - עברית

Hi @mekentosj , We are all waiting for this and willing to help.
Please let us know if it’s not he roadmap and how can we help.
Actually, I don’t need it to be at Hebrew, and Right-to-Left typing support will help.

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I’ve added you to OneSky, so far we haven’t seen much progress yet with the Hebrew translations for Agenda, but it would be great to see that change. With regards to Right-to-Left typing support, it’s something we still plan to add support for but have no update on yet.

Thank for the update. Any updates on the RTL?

Alas, not at the moment I’m afraid

Update: We have moved from OneSky to Crowdin for translating Agenda to Hebrew :raised_hands:

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Since the app doesn’t support RTL I do not use it (although I like the app) and for some time my subscription was no longer active.
Yesterday I received a 50% off offer for renewal of the subscription, and though I don’t use the app because off the RTL issue, I purchased the subscription in order to support the developers.
Please continue to pursue the RTL feature!


That is very generous of you, thank you for the support. RTL is still in the roadmap. Sorry it is taking longer than anticipated.


Please just add support for “Writing Directions” functionality, just like in Apple Notes, that will solve all our problems. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! It is still on our roadmap. Sorry for the delay.

Still waiting on this :grimacing: