Heavy input lag on iPad



Agenda 2.1.3
Ipad Air

What I did:
Typed a string of text into a note on ipad

What happened:
Text registered and displayed several seconds after being typed. Some times, when backspacing it will go on and backspace infitinitely until everything is deleted.

What I expected:
For me to type normally into a note.

This behavior has started ever since i copied and pasted formatted text from an external source into the app on my ipad.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):


That should certainly not happen.

Is it a very large note?

It is possible that heavy background sync is going on. If you wait a few minutes for that to finish, does it become much faster?

If you create a new note, can you type in that faster?

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Yeah it’s pretty crippling to the experience, albeit iOS only but still a major bug.

Even on a new note it behaves the same.


That should certainly not happen. You should be able to type very fast in a new note. There must be something going on.

Does the problem go away if you go into the app settings (right panel, button at bottom-left), and turn off sync there?


I am facing the same issue on my iPad Air 2… Agenda is very close to be unusable on the iPad.
When turning off iCloud-Sync I also had to go offline and restart Agenda several times before Agenda behaved as expected with iCloud-Sync disabled. Is this a known bug?
Willing to test a beta using TestFlight…


Is every keystroke slow, or is it only slow, eg, when you press return? Is it also slow to type in a new note in a new project?

Did turning off the sync make anything faster?



Hi Drew!
Every keystroke is slow… but not only the keystroke but also refreshing of the Agenda-UI is slow. Even refreshing the keyboard within agenda is slow (the small popups when pressing a key stick for a second or even longer).
Turning sync off did make everything work as expected again.


Playing around a little bit with this issue it is not yet reproducible 100% but happens very often… workaround is to disable iCloud sync and give iOS some time to “calm down”.
This issue happened again after one day for me. so not an acceptable workaround.
Btw it is not iPad alone, also happens on iPhone X (which has even more computing power).


TBH sounds like there may be something odd with the data causing sync to go haywire.

Do you perhaps use Agenda on a network with very many calendars? Eg. at work, where everyone’s calendar is visible?



Nope - happens at home with 4 iPhones and three Macs on the network…


Can you elaborate on that? Are all 4 iPhones running Agenda at the same time?


also nope… only my iPhone X and my iPad (which I forgot to mention before) is running Agenda as well as my Macbook and my iMac.

1iPhone X, 1 iPad Air 2, 1 MacBook Pro 2015, 1 iMac 2011 are running Agenda with the same Apple-ID.


Have you tried a reboot of your devices? I’ve seen this once and it got resolved by restarting my iPad, apparently something was blocking iCloud or driving a lot of CPU usage. Never really found out what was causing it.


Hmmm. Tried rebooting but did not solve the issue.


I am experiencing some input lag on my iPad mini 2. Sometimes difficult to get a cursor. Sometimes just slow. But annoying rather than disabling.

My or may not be related… I am seeing a few instances of the keyboard disappearing when in ‘edit’.


@greiggy is this in large notes, or just after you have brought the app to the foreground/started it a again? The keyboard disappearing could indicate that it’s due to synced data coming in from another device.


I have no really large notes. There’s one I refer to and add to frequently and the keyboard sometimes disappears when I bring it up. It is kind of medium length…

Can’t tell how many words or characters it is – would be good to have this shown somewhere ;:sunglasses:



any progress with this? will there be an update to fix this issue?


Also, what constitutes a large note?This issue happens on all notes regardless (small or large).

If it happens on all notes it’s not the text editing lag on large note that is discussed here, then it’s more likely the initial sync issue indeed.


We continue to improve the performance as we go, as we’ve done in almost all updates. There’s no silver bullet though, so it’s unlikely that we’ll fix it in one particular update.