Heavy input lag on iPad


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I am experiencing a marked lag on iPhone and iPad using the device screen keyboard. I really don’t think it is a sync slowdown – it does it all the time. I’m working on an (imported) note of about 800ww – not that long.

The lag is too much to work with and I’ll have to use another app to do the edits. Hope you can get this sorted soon…

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OK, it grew to about 2,200 words (with bluetooth Apple keyboard) but was REALLY laggy at the end, like most of a sentence behind. Going back for edits a very hit-and-miss affair.


Yes, right now Agenda isn’t really designed for writing those kind of sizes notes without breaking them up in sub notes. We have ideas to tackle them performance-wise in the future, but for now the best workaround is not to let them grow to book chapter like sizes.


I’m in the same boat with the iPad Pro.


Do you see a lag when typing in a single line of the note, or only when you press return or move to a different line?


Do you have assigned a Certsin note with several weeks or months, or even longer periods to any notes?


I use a number of well-known and non to well-known notes apps in different areas of my work and collaboration with others, and none suffers from a slowdown at 1,000+ words


The lag is when typing in a single line. I have tested with iCloud turned off and the lag is the same.


The notes I am testing have no date assignment or link to a calendar event – just a note in a project. The lag I am experiencing is across the board, so scrolling and folding/unfolding is also sluggish.


There should be very little going on when typing within a single line. Certainly nothing to cause a lag.

My guess is that your issue is probably background syncing. Does the problem go away if you go into the settings and turn off the sync (ie right panel, bottom left button).


Found settings eventually… with sync turned off the lag is reduced. It still feels sluggish compared with other (notes) apps I use with a bluetooth keyboard.


It’s a shame this is still an issue. I had to stop using Agenda as the performance on my iPad Air was just too horrible.


I’m in the same position. I have had to stop using Agenda because the lag is so bad (on my iPad mini 2).

I tested it again today with iCloud sync on (default) – very laggy
Turned iCloud syncing off within the app – still very laggy.
Connected a bluetooth keyboard (Apple) – still very laggy.

It is literally ‘type and wait for the line to appear’.

Please get this fixed so I and others can use this otherwise excellent app again.


It does appear to be related to note length. I opened a new note and the lag, although apparent, was acceptable.

However, restricting Agenda to short notes only, leaves it unusable for me. The nature of notes is that they grow!


That would have indeed be my question but you were ahead of me. Performance with very long notes is indeed something we want to improve. Especially when notes have a lot of list items. It’s high up on our to-do list. In the mean time the workaround is to divide long notes over several smaller ones.


I am experiencing the same thing on iPhone right now. It’s almost impossible to use the app.


We will be addressing long note editing very soon, but for now, it might be worth splitting very long notes into multiple shorter ones.


I’ll settle on the mac app for now. Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:


Hello there, today i decided to buy an ipad to help me with journaling and planning. This issue came back to my mind as I remembered that the app is not usable for the big lag. I hope this issue gets more attention because It’s not a feature request or that some feature needs and enhancement, it’s that I literally can’t use the app on iphone at all.
I love the app on my mac, its the best. So I don’t want to switch to another app. I hope this gets more speed.


As mentioned, it’s what has our focus currently, thank you for your patience!