Has replaced yoink and trello for me

I’m using Agenda in 4 key ways now:

  1. A Trello replacement
  • I’ve created a system of categories that mimic Trello. That tied to the use of tags and saved searches works perfectly for me
  1. To take notes against items in my calendar
  • Really self explanatory
  1. General note taking for various things
  • I have a system of a few categories and projects that closely matches what I have in Evernote
  1. A way to quickly save important docs that need reviewing or longer term storage for quick retrieval. This could be linked to items in my:
  • “Trello boards”
  • Diary notes
  • General notes

When items age, and are complete, and don’t need quick retrieval they are moved to Evernote


Thanks for sharing. Interesting approach!

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Thanks Greg-pentz, I couldn’t have put it better myself. I used to kind of like Trello, I even went back to Trello after using Agenda for a while but only stayed a couple of days before realising it was too cumbersome for what I wanted. That was the point when I bought in fully and keep doing so.

One thing I have done is set up my own Archive folder within Agenda, I’m wondering if this should become a more upfront feature so we don’t have do this specifically or archive in other places. I have to keep my stuff for at least 2 years so I need to know it is secure.

Otherwise = couldn’t live without it, thanks.


I’ve also setup an archive folder :slight_smile:

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