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Hey guys,

First of all, thank you for this awesome business model and for designing so an app. I see its potential every day and really want to keep using it.
I have purchased a license via the iOS app a couple days ago and have tried installing the app on macOS also : no luck redeeming the purchase on mac, even if I log in.
Is there a reason to that?

Thanks a lot for your answer!


If you have bought the features (thank you!) but don’t see them unlocked on (one of your) devices, make sure you create an Agenda account and log in with in on all your devices. If that still doesn’t work, please email us at with the email address you used for your Agenda account and we’ll fix it for you as quickly as we can.

However @joss in your case it’s different, I can indeed see you bought the iOS only version of Agenda ($9.99), this doesn’t include Mac (the mac+iOS choice was $24.99). If you want it on all your devices we can give you a coupon that allows you to upgrade to have Agenda on all your devices.


i like this apps. and i am try to find out whether suits my needs or not.

about the premium features : i can keep the updated regularly within 1 year, isn’t it?
(the new upcoming features or just stability improvement updates will be received within full 1year).
after 12 months, i won’t received any updates anymore unless i pay again. but i can keep all the updated before 12 months is over. am i right?

questions is what if i already satisfied with all the features for the first year, and i don’t need the latest features. but when apps don’t work smoothly, sometimes when update new ios. the apps can freeze, stop working, error here and there, become slow.

do i still received the updates for all the bug? or must pay for another 12 months package in order to get all the bug gone.

Thank you.


You can always update to the latest version, with the latest bug fixes, whether you pay or not. The license only covers the “premium features”, not updates. Updates are free.

You get all current premium features, and those added in the 12 months following, all unlocked for you permanently. Features added after that might be locked, but you can always get the latest update.


I don’t really use Agenda that often (yet), but I think you have a great model which is fair for both sides. I paid for premium now because I want to support you and I hope other developers adopt your business model.

Now I will make Agenda my primary app for notes … :smile:


Thanks for the support!


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Hi guys,

I just recently download this app and trying to move all my notes here. I have two question here:

  1. Any way to import all my notes from Notes app to here?
  2. I can’t find any way to add image to my note. Is it gonna in future development or premium features?



We are working on images right now. Should not be too long until it is available.

You an import your notes on the Mac by choosing File > Import > Apple Notes. Things like images obviously don’t work.


I’m curious - apologies if mentioned in a thread and I have not seen - if premium is bought now at the current price with current features (say £24 with 8 features), does someone buying it in the next 12 month cycle get all the new features and the old features, while the original purchaser must pay again for the new features?


Your current premium features, plus any additional ones released over the next 12 months, are included with your purchase price. I see where you are going with your query, though. Which new premium features might be included with this purchase over the next 12 months?

I presume that new features will continue to be published during our first year, then when our year is up, any new ones would be included in a repurchase for another 12 months. If we don’t see anything “valuable” to us after the first year is up, but then six months down the road after our first year expires, we see a whiz bang feature we just gotta have, we can buy a new 12 months which will include the features we had originally purchased and the whiz bang feature, plus any new features coming in the new 12 month period.

I imagine there will be a per-feature price if we want to pick up something that was released between 1st anniversary and the second purchase date. This has been my question as well, but I thought I’d just wait to see if someone would ask. And you have. :grin:

Guys? What of the new features that come out between our first year expiration and our second year purchase? Are they automatically included, or are they similar to modules which are just not loaded on our version of Agenda unless we purchase them?


When you make a purchase, whether for the first time or second, it unlocks all premium features at that point in time, no matter when we introduced them. In addition, you get any new ones added the 12 months after that.

If you purchase, then wait 18 months, and then purchase again, you still unlock all features, including any added while you were ‘expired’.

It’s a very simple system. When you have a valid license, all features at that time are permanently unlocked.


I agree it is good looking system. My concern is that to pay £24 this 12 month cycle for 6 features, then pay £24 next cycle because there is, say, two new features I realy want/need means a total of £48. Whereas, you seem to infer that if a wait a cycle then I would only pay £24 for all 8 features.

In other words; If I buy premium now and get 6 features for £24, then want the new features introduced 13 months after wards I pay again. Whereas, if my friend decides to buy it in 13 months time they get all the features I have, in reality, payed twice for.

Three cycles down the line, someone coming into Agenda for the first time would potentialy be getting a stack load of features that ealry adopters have had to pay many times for.


Ah, that is true if thinking about wages… whether you start early in the day, and your friend starts later, but you are both paid the same. That is not relevant here. You’ve had the use of a great and beautiful program that could potentially change the organization of your life for the better, whilst your friend has languished without the tools to sort through all those notes he keeps losing track of.

And, you’ll be the hero when you offer to show him all those tricks and tips to flatten and shorten his learning curve.

It’s a win-win in my book.


Exactly! Yes, your friend gets the features in one go, but you have already been using the app for over a year while he had to suffer…

It’s the same argument as buying a new computer, if I don’t buy a mac now and continue using my crappy windows PC I can be pretty sure that for the same money I get a much speedier Mac one year from now, but is it worth suffering for another 12 months?


shudders Absolutely not!! And, of course, the same idea will rear its head again next year… & the next year… and the next…


That is not the point, and I find it disappointing that you avoid this fact.

A user buying now gets 6 features for £24. If they want, say 4 new features after 13 months they have to pay again. A user buying in 13 months pays for all the 10 features once. This is not a point of anyone missing out, they may not have discovered the application previously.

Basically, the rational behind the model is subscription based, unless a different pricing structure is given to existing users when new features come out.

If you keep the pricing the same cycle after cycle (as in subscription models) then there is little issue. If however you intend to increase the price as more features get added then existing customers will be penalised.

Please can you clarify what your pricing intentions are for the future?


I still think you don’t understand the model, perhaps best to read this post to get a better feel of where we’re coming from:

Perhaps your rationale would be valid if all features would be equal, a bit like credits per month of use, but that’s not the case either, you can’t for example compare the work needed to give you inline images support with the work to implement archiving of notes. These things are variable and hard to quantify, is 1 big feature worth more or less than 5 small ones?

In the end of the day it’s about finding a model that is a fair balance between allowing us a way to sustain and support Agenda so it doesn’t just disappear one day, and you as a user to have a choice and not being forced/blackmailed in a recurring payment model.

Again, the above article explains this in a much better way, hopefully convincing you to support our work.


Respectfully, I have read that lterature, is is the very reason why I am asking this question.

Trust in a product comes both from the quality of the application and the pricing model. Your model, I agree, is a fresh look at how people pay for a product, but I have to be honest it looks flawed with the potential to come and bite you on the ass later. We are all aware how users hate it when software they have grown to love disappears because the pricing model failed.

I agree that not all features are equal. But, going back to your new computer analogy. Agenda is being sold as a product - pay the price, get the existing features forever. However, over time you intend to improve that product.

Now, under your model, as that product improves your asking current users to pay for it over and over again as it improves (albeit with a 12 month free update period). Whereas a future purchaser gets the improved model for the original price. I’d love to buy an iPhone X at the cost of the original iPhone.

Now, this is what I am trying to clarify. Do you intend to increase the price as it becomes more feature rich? If so, how will existing users not be penalised by that increase - considering they already ‘own’ many of the original features?

If you mean for the price to stay the same (basically a subscription) how will you ensure that the price continues to reflect the value of the product? In other words, can you justify the price in relation to the new features coming out? After all you will reach feature saturation at some point and then, under your model, people will just stop buying.

Do you see my point? When Agenda has all the features people want, or you can provide, your cash flow stops.

Buying a product differs from buying a service. Subscription models for services mean that a reasonable price is paid on a regular cycle and all improvements are covered in that cost. Even when features stop getting added, a revenue stream is continued to ensure product support, and that is when you as developers, realy make the big money.

Compare your model to one of the best pricing models, OnePassword, You can buy the product once, not on a cycle. All minor updates are free, any major ones (new realeses) the current users get a discount. You also have the option to subscribe, to get all updates, including major ones, continuously. Honest subscriptions are good because they ensue your ability to sustain development.

I have trust in your product, but I sincerely believe your pricing model needs to be rethought. It is beautifully simple, but prerhaps too simple.

I will be buying Agenda as it suits my needs. Will I buy it next year again? I’m uncertain, and that is not a position you want consumers to be in if you are looking for regular sales.

Would I purchase it at £24 then pay a yearly subscription for say £12 a year? It’s more likely I would to ensure new features and support.

Only trying to help.