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Congratulations on the new version! :+1:

I saw the new version of Agenda in the AppStore today. In the product description the greeting is still wrong, it uses the formal „Sie" instead of the informal „Du".
Where can I find these texts to revise them?

Thanks! Do you have a screenshot of where you see this?

No screenshot, but two links.
macOS App Store Agenda: Notiz trifft Kalendar
iOS App Store: Agenda: Notiz trifft Kalendar

And a typo in both titles: It should be Kalender, not Kalendar… I’ve corrected these already.
I assume the two description texts are identical, in any case they have the same error.

Ok, perfect, I see them now, we will correct both the slogan and the description of the App Store text (cc @drewmccormack)

I see the store page still starts with “Fangen Sie noch heute an”, do you want to change this to the informal version? If so, what would it be?

I thought the description text for Agenda would be one long text, however, it is many individual fragments. I found them all in OneSky and changed them accordingly.

Fangen Sie noch heute an… → Fange noch heute an…


Graag gedaan! :slightly_smiling_face: