Gather checkboxes?

I have a specific project where I am always involved in chains of email and conference calls. I’ve created an agenda item for each of these communications and each of them ends up containing a list of things to do designated by checkboxes. However, I keep having to scroll back through all the prior agenda items to find earlier uncompleted checkbox tasks. Is there any method by which unchecked tasks can be gathered into a single agenda item?

That’s not possible. But I understand from other threads that there are plans to implement something to address the problem.

See also The features we are working on right now…

Putting an “Uncompleted” tag on each item with an uncompleted checkbox, maybe? Doing a search would list them all for you straight away :blush:


The app is dying for all sorts of smart searches (like OmniFocus perspectives).

One idea would be to use a tag named something like “action_needed” or “todo”, then add the tag to the sidebar. It’s an extra step of work to stave us over for now…

Thanks everyone, tags are a good short term solution.


The tags are a great short-term hack, but I love this idea. Bear for Mac and Dropbox Paper both have an aggregation of todo items that is really smart and handy.

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