From Day One to Agenda

I’m curious if there’s anybody else looking into migrate from Day One to Agenda.

Reason: Agenda’s incedible agile design (Things 3 comes to my mind).

Day One has served me well so far, I really like it, devs are awesome, but the minimalist approach of Agenda won my heart.

So, is there anybody out there (PF <3) that already made the jump or is transitioning to Agenda?

While both apps aren’t exactly similar as they target different use cases, they both do overlap at some points. Note: I was told that the Day One team is working on a full revamp of their apps that should be released soon.


I want to add that to me Agenda has a good potential to become also a great journaling software as well (if that’s the desire of the devs, of course!); however some changes need to be done for that, as the ‘On the Agenda’ section creates friction in my mind as I would like to have there only the entries that are proper of an agenda, while leaving out those ones of the journal type.

In Day One I have right now five journals which I use to track different stuff: Books, Exercise, Journal, Study and Work. If there would be a way to avoid listing the entries from chosen Categories (i.e. the journals aforementioned) in “On the Agenda” section, I think that would make the trick.

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Please note that you can remove any note from “On the Agenda” by simply tapping the yellow dot at the top of the note.

You can also change the default in Preferences/Agenda Settings to have new notes not be “on the agenda”.

In general, it is good to keep a minimal number of notes on the agenda at a time. Just the ones you need quick access to today.


I migrated away from Day One, exported all my notes to text (as all my notes are simply text, no pictures or special formatting). I’m currently slowly importing into Agenda, while adding new content as I use it thoroughly in my day to day activities.


Just curious how you organized your entries from Day One in Agenda, did you set up special categories/projects ? Also, my entries in Day One are mostly pics and some of them go way back. Any advice on how to quickly assign a date in the - far - past ?

Agenda is start great like a super power tool, but The real question are:
When passlook is ready?(Onestly I can’t get something like personal journal in Agenda without have a protect pass)
When webclipper pdf,txt and link choose Mac OS / IOS?
when web access??
When collaboration?
When desk for attachments and note deleted?
PDF annotation?
draw tool inside with handwriting conversion?
and for extra, quickly access on menu bar, Apple Watch and widget!


Some of those things are planned, but I suspect you are underestimating how much work is involved in each. If you know a tool that has all that stuff, I would start using it, because it would take a big team with a lot of money to do it all.

We do have plans to get to many of the projects, but it will take a while.

We don’t have plans for PDF annotation or OCR at this point. You are probably better with dedicated apps for that.

A web app is something we would like, but frankly is 6 months to a year of work.

Passwords are something we plan to do.

Sharing extensions are pretty high on our priority list.

Quick access via menu bar is planned too.

In short, most of the stuff you mention is on the list. It’s a question of prioritizing. Each project tends to be 2-3 months work at least.

Kind regards,


Hey Drew, thanks for answer and clarify!
I know how much work you have for this feature! Sorry for aggressive request, my English is very bad! Just I love agenda and I can’t use for some of this request! You can expande your team!
The more difficult is start and you start very very well! More feature u add and more people go pro in agenda!
Actually new DEVONthink server have everything of this and more!

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I went through the same process of importing from day one. I realized late in the process that it is possible find and replace the DayOne txt with entry breaks so that when you import the txt file Agenda separates them into separate entries. I didn’t manage to get Agenda to respect the dates yet, but it is nice to have them all in Agenda as separate entries.

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Hey Drew, yesterday in WWDC apple give the possibility to add in third party application the default annotation tool! Now you have write PDF annotation is not planned, but now it will be possibile incorporated the default annotation tool,I think for PDF and draw tool

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We are certainly investigating those things, yes. Thanks for the tip.

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Please let me know! thanks for your work!

I’d like to know if there is a way to migrate from DayOne to Agenda, aside from the laborious.

Also do you have password protection in the works?

Thank you!

Password protection is on the roadmap: The features we are working on right now…

We don’t have any built in way to migrate from DayOne, I’m afraid. Is there an export option there? If you can export as text or markdown, you could import that into Agenda.

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I’m a plus 1 for this too. I have 1400 entries in DayOne and would love to be able to release them into Agenda.

Is there a way to automatically add a date in Agenda based on the Markdown file exported from Dayone?

I’ve you’d be willing to share some of your DayOne notes exported as markdown or other formats that Day One supports I’m happy to take a look. You can send them to Goes without saying we’ll treat any files confidentially.

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Yes, happy to share a few entries. I’ll send then tomorrow. Thanks

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Moving from DayOne to Agenda sounds great, but something comes to my mind. DayOne has GPS integration, a entries are added with a location. Also, if I choose to do so, DayOne can track my location all day. It has helped me a lot of times to remember important locations or even when I arrived to a place. Does Agenda has some location integration that I am not aware of?

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It doesn’t at the moment, we’ll think about whether it makes sense to add a similar feature.

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Thank you for your answer! Agenda is a great app. The lack of location in the entries is not a problem for me, but I see how other people might find it useful. Keep up the good work.

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