From Day One to Agenda



I’m curious if there’s anybody else looking into migrate from Day One to Agenda.

Reason: Agenda’s incedible agile design (Things 3 comes to my mind).

Day One has served me well so far, I really like it, devs are awesome, but the minimalist approach of Agenda won my heart.

So, is there anybody out there (PF <3) that already made the jump or is transitioning to Agenda?

While both apps aren’t exactly similar as they target different use cases, they both do overlap at some points. Note: I was told that the Day One team is working on a full revamp of their apps that should be released soon.


I want to add that to me Agenda has a good potential to become also a great journaling software as well (if that’s the desire of the devs, of course!); however some changes need to be done for that, as the ‘On the Agenda’ section creates friction in my mind as I would like to have there only the entries that are proper of an agenda, while leaving out those ones of the journal type.

In Day One I have right now five journals which I use to track different stuff: Books, Exercise, Journal, Study and Work. If there would be a way to avoid listing the entries from chosen Categories (i.e. the journals aforementioned) in “On the Agenda” section, I think that would make the trick.


Please note that you can remove any note from “On the Agenda” by simply tapping the yellow dot at the top of the note.

You can also change the default in Preferences/Agenda Settings to have new notes not be “on the agenda”.

In general, it is good to keep a minimal number of notes on the agenda at a time. Just the ones you need quick access to today.


I migrated away from Day One, exported all my notes to text (as all my notes are simply text, no pictures or special formatting). I’m currently slowly importing into Agenda, while adding new content as I use it thoroughly in my day to day activities.